Bud Light wanted a new and inclusive ad, here is mine:


A blue collar, hard work job, a construction site or a foundry, something dirty and tough.

The foreman is speaking to the workers saying they have a to get a lot done in a time crunch and it’s going to be a big job and some long hours but he knows they’ll get it done.

The camera focuses on the face of a young woman, standing in with all the men.  She’s a solid head shorter than the rest of them.  She looks unsure of herself.

They are working, hard.  Nobody is being mean to her, nobody is discriminating against her.  She is clearly giving it her all to keep up. She stumbles a few times, but picks her self up and keeps trucking.

Day ends, foreman announces that they accomplished their task.

Crew goes to a bar after work.

The young woman shows up.

All the other guys are there drinking Bud Lights.

The foreman beckons her over to an empty seat, she sits down, the foreman passes her a Bud Light.

Says to her “you did a good job out there today, you earned this.”

All smiles.

Cuts to Bud Light logo and legalese text.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “My Bud Light Ad”
  1. My bud lite commercial- local newspaper add, for sale, profitable beer breweries. Fully stocked ready to work. Best offer around $20k…. Bud beer gives me a headache, wether I drink 1 or 6..

  2. Very good ad, but I would add one additional line after the foreman hands her a Bud Light, “All the guys stand and toast her successful efforts with their Bud Lights raised high saying in unison, “Booyah”.

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