It’s the part where Rittenhouse and his lawyer- the same guy who won the Sandmann case – sue these fucks for libel and bankrupt them.

That is going to be hilarious.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “My favorite part of this saga is coming up”
  1. The more I read this carp on social media, the less I want to get on social media.

    Way too easy to end up sued for libel or slander. Way too easy to get cancelled.

  2. I made the mistake of reading the thread on twitter for a few minutes. My stomach hurts. There is so much TDS and hate spewing out that it just turned my stomach.

    The gist: Kyle was charged, therefore he IS a murder. Trump is a horrible person that is so smart he stole the election and so stupid he can’t do anything right. Trump is an anti-Semite white supremacist racist that hates Jews even though his own grand-children are Jewish. That he wants the cities to burn because it is the only way for him to win the election. That he backed the violent people with long guns threatening the Michigan Legislature but wants to lock up and kill all the non-violent protesters.

    Even the USSR would give them a 9.9 for their mental gymnastics.

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