My guess on the suspicious packages

So suspicious packages have been sent to George Soros, the Clintons, Barack Obama, and CNN.  The White House reports have been false.

I believe that this is a radical Lefty hoaxing or false flagging.

First of all, virtually every hate crime reported to have happened on a college campus by an activist in the last few years have turned out to be a self inflected hoax.  The exceptions to this are hate crime against Jewish students by Palestinian supporters or Campus Republicans by Leftist students, but those don’t get reported.  There is a strong history of activist hoaxes or false  flags for the purpose of generating victim status empathy.

Second, these are mostly “safe” targets.  The Clintons and Obamas have a Secret Service detail and a ton of security.  CNN and Soros also have a lot of security and bodyguards.  The likelihood of someone like Hillary or even Jim Acosta opening a bomb is near zero.

Third, none of the people targeted is actively running for anything, except Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and she’s been reduced to a non player in the DNC.  This is not like the targeting of Republican Senators who are running for reelection in seats that the Left wants to turn Blue.

Fourth, this is the first act of “Right Wing” political violence this election.  The GOP has been demonstrating that the Left and Democrats are the part of Mob Rule.  Trump has his slogan “Jobs Not Mobs” which is trending.  The images of Lefty hysterics during the Kavanaugh hearing has emboldened the Right and looks to have killed the Blue Wave.  A high profile attack on major Lefty figures would bolster the narrative that it’s the Right/GOP that is the real dangerous ones, and CNN is going to hammer that until the polls close on November 6.

Pretty much, the Left has everything to gain and nothing to lose from this with no real risk to life or limb to anybody significant (you know they don’t give a shit about law enforcement or some kid in the mail room).

I’m putting my money on a Lefty false flag attack.  I just hope that if that is what it is, they can prove it before the election.

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