I’ve been watching all these videos of people mobbing cars and harassing Jews, and it reminds me that you need to check your tire pressure this time of year because the cold weather can make your tires run low.

I found this on Amazon and it looks like it might be useful to have.


Like everyone knows, there’s nothing like a nice piece of hickory.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “My Hanukkah wish list”
  1. Hmmm… potentially useful, yes. And all three vehicles do need frequent tire checking.
    I note that Amazon has suggestions for what else to buy, including “Baseball Bat Used for Baseball and self Defense, Alloy Steel, 25 Inch.” Hey, it says “baseball bat” right on it! Just make sure you have a baseball and maybe a glove to go with it, and hope no one asks why you have a steel bat (or brings an ACME giant magnet).

  2. I like cricket bats for defense — they have an edge. But this is nice, too. Not sure anyone would buy that it’s for checking the tires on my Civic, though.

  3. If you know a lineman electrician in your six degrees, see if you can get a short length of the copper cable used to deliver electricity to office buildings. Diameter somewhere around a roll of nickels or quarters.

    It’ll provide the flex of a thick willow branch, but pack the heft of a lead pipe.

    1. 00 gauge copper in modern homes, yes. A bit thicker in offices. And you wouldn’t need to find a lineman; an electrician works with that stuff too, minimally from meter box to main breaker panel. It may be aluminum, though; that’s less desirable (for electrical work as well, in fact).

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