The YouTube algorithm strikes again.

I got hit with the First Man trailer as the advertisement to a YouTube video.

Actually what I saw was trailer No. 2, but it’s the first one I’ve seen.

I’m not even mad that they are not showing the planting of the American flag on the moon anymore.

I get it is a movie and they need drama but everything in this trailer screamed “going to the moon wasn’t worth it.”

Setting foot on the moon was the single greatest literal step in human history.  All the things that had to happen to make that possible are incalculable.

It wasn’t just the rockets, it was every aspect of technology from computers to metallurgy that was innovated to make that happen.

NASA took risks.  They had to.  But they were going where no one had gone before.

It is amazing just how few lives were lost by America in the space race given the unprecedented challenges NASA had to deal with.

Every single Mercury and Apollo astronaut was a hero for being willing to put his life on the line for this great accomplishment.

From the trailer, NASA comes across looking like a bunch of half-assed idiots who took needless risks.

This move says “We killed some astronauts, spent a bunch of money, nearly ruined Armstrong’s marriage, all for what?  To put a man on the moon.”

Only Woke Hollywood could make a movie that has the temerity to shit on NASA for putting a man on the moon.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “My hatred of First Man just went up”
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  2. One of many pet peeves I have with the “going to the moon wasn’t worth it.” crowd was the “We should spent the money on Earth, not the Moon” as though we we loading billions in cash onto a rocket and launching it to the Moon. Every one of the dollars spent was spent on Earth, paying people, buying equipment, and paying for research. The research done, the innovative use of technology, and the determination to get to the Moon, gave the US an edge in computers, programming, materials, fabrication techniques, and organization that is still the envy of the world 50 years latter.

    1. And we did, under Nixon and Carter. We cut the Apollo project, canceled a ton of missions, and set up a whole ton of new government bureaucracies to fix the problems on Earth.

  3. I hope that the profits of Bollywood exceed those of Hollywood.

    I have a boycott list a mile long for woke actors.

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