So we are having A real life national transportation crisis and our Harvard educated, McKinsey trained Secretary of Transportation can’t do fuck all about it but have a meeting.

Remember when I posted this:


I was so fucking right it wasn’t funny.

It’s still not funny.

Our government is in the hands of people with the most credentials and least qualifications of any time in history.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “My meme was accurate”
  1. His ‘qualification’ was he proposed to his SO in an airport and he had a couple boxes filled out on the privilege points checklist.

    But no mean tweets.

    Let’s go Brandon.

  2. This sounds like one of the previous companies I worked for. Upper management created made an absolute hash out of everything they touched. To fix the issues, there were countless meetings to figure out how they could shift blame to their underlings and escape accepting any responsibility for nosediving the company into the ground instead of getting the hell out of the way and letting competent people get stuff done.

    Pournelle’s Iron Law of Bureaucracy in action.

  3. The DOT has only ever been effective at two tasks: 1. Passing out the grift in the form of vast sums of Federal money appropriated for highway and bridge construction, responding to all the right bribes and lobbyists along the way, and 2. Regulating the trucking industry, which carried a lot more grift back in the days of limited market entry controlled by DOT certification. Their safety regulations are essentially ignored until an accident happens.

    “Useless” barely covers it.

    1. Sounds like it’s a typical government agency, not doing much of anything, and what little it does it not authorized by any article of the Constitution.
      The only departments of which I can find at least a piece in the Constitution are (a) State, (b) Defense, (c) about 1% of Commerce (the Patent Office and what was NBS), (d) a part of Treasury. Nothing else, as far as I can see.

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