By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “My memes are becoming real”
    1. Everything has gotten more expensive, but not in the same proportions.

      Inflation raises the price of production 10%, increased minimum wage further raises the cost of production another 10%, and the increased cost of fuel raises prices yet another 10%.

      Meanwhile, minimum wage goes up 15-20%, and non-minimum wages and salaries go up 5-10%.

      For those keeping track, the “Fight for $15” campaign got the minimum wage the largest increase out of all of those. Good for them.

      But it still doesn’t keep up with the increased overall cost of goods.

      And if you’re NOT minimum wage, stuff is MUCH more expensive relative to your income.

      But ignore all that. Minimum-wage workers are better off — don’t you proles get that!?!? *smh*

  1. I thought that CNBC was a business channel? If they are that much Marxist illiterates I wonder how they can still be on the air.

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