By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “My refusal would not be polite”
  1. Yep, libtards are that f-ing stupid, but they wouldn’t be able to breed more morons after that exchange was complete.

  2. I am still not vaccinated and I don’t wear a mask. In fact during mandates I made every attempt to not do it. It’s been two years and I have not gotten Covid. If I did it was mild or I was asymptomatic. I am not afraid. Never was. These people live in a constant state of fear. My mother who is triple vaccinated waiting in the wings for a fourth booster to be approved who watches MSDNC literally all day believes if she gets Covid her death is 100% certain. Again, she is triple vaccinated. If she still thinks this then what was the point of being vaccinated? I’ve asked her this question and she just says The vaccine doesn’t hurt her. I think otherwise. She is not capable of seeing the cognitive dissonance in that statement. The fact that I refuse to get vaccinated actually makes her mad. She has said on more than one occasion that I should inventory and price out the arsenal I have so she knows what to sell it for when Covid kills me. She literally believes it’s a 100% death sentence. I might’ve already gotten it not even realized it. Logic and reason do not work on someone like her. But then again all she does is watch MSDNC all day and believe everything they say without question so independent thought and reasoning is not her strong point. In fact I don’t think she’s actually capable of it. She’s a purely emotionally driven person. At least the people I get my political commentary from I disagree with, Criticize and question quite a bit.

    This is a mass psychosis infecting an entire political party and everyone who supports it. I would called a cult but they are something much worse: MSDNC watchers.

  3. 😂😂😂😂😂😂, Force me?, 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    I imagine that will go over well with young male minorities

    Besides i won’t fly till diaper mandates are lifted completely, to include just walking into the Airport.

    I fully expect the Diaper to be Reinstated after the proper Judge Shopping is done.

    In all honesty, I do not ever expect to fly again.
    And feel Absolutely No Loss.

    Diesel is bad enough😉

  4. I would be polite at first. I would also push the stewardess button, and let her deal with the @sshole.
    With a little luck, the obnoxious git might get thrown off the plane and put on the no-fly list.

    Remember, when arguing with an idiot; spectators often have trouble telling who is who. Make sure the cabin crew and the pilots know who the bad guy is. Especially make sure they know it is NOT YOU.

    1. Especially because with some of these idiots, the calmer and more polite you are, the more spooled up they get.

  5. I see you don’t have a mask. I have an extra one. Would you like to put it on?
    I see you have no common sense about minding your own fucking business. Would you like that extra mask shoved so far up your ass your next meal won’t digest, or would you rather fuck right off and not say another word to me for the entire duration of this flight, and concentrate on not doing anything else between now and de-planing that’d make me need to go armpit deep in your sphincter?

    You have to get their attention first.

  6. Just another demonstration of the “collectivist” nature of leftists.
    You must wear a mask to protect others. As if I have any responsibility to protect strangers from a virus? Doubt it.
    Seriously, that has been the mantra through all of this. Together, protect others, etc… Birx pulled some BS about how bad I would feel if I infected someone else’s grandmother, so I should place myself into a zone of discomfort.
    This is just another “society must take care of the individual.” collectivist crap.

  7. A simple “no thanks” to start. If its going to be a problem, I’d suggest that they ask to be re-seated (would be interesting on a full flight). Beyond that, I agree, call the stewardess and let them handle it. If things get hysterical or physical, the appropriate response will depend on the situation.

    These idiots can still wear a mask if they want to.

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