The Left’s stereotype of a White Supremacist is a poor, fat, stupid, beer bellied, tatted up redneck. But these guys are all skinny, in prime physical fitness, clean cut, wearing $80 a pair 5.11 pants.


Remember that the Bipartisan Gun Control Bill of 2022 included $100 million in additional funding for the FBI?

Federal Holiday Premium Pay is double time…

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “My tinfoil hat is getting tight”
  1. Nah, they look pretty grass-roots to me………

    (You can get those 5.11s on sale for $40 if you aren’t in a hurry. I live in them all year round.)

  2. You know how Patriot Front materialized out of thin air and no one you know had ever heard of them? And everyone on the right immediately suspected it is a fed op?

    Apparently, it’s the exact same thing with Jane’s Revenge on the left. No one had heard of them until they started agitating for violence and taking credit for any that happened afterwards.

    1. Except there has yet to be a mass arrest of Jane’s Revenge members, with or without masks. And the left has been quite free about using violence since 2016

    2. Word is someone traced members, funding, and shot callers and they connect to Richard Spencer a known FBI informant/politican agitator.

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