President Biden has declared monkeypox a national health emergency.

We know how and among what group of people it spreads: 98% among gay men who have multiple sex partners.

We have been told that it’s homophobic to tell gay men not to have orgies and casual sex hookups at this time.

San Francisco is still going forward with their infamous Folsom Street Fair, which is a big gay sex fest.

We are being forced to pretend that monkeypox is spreading equally across all groups of people in this country and that everyone has a likelihood of getting infected.

One would think that the Left wants the gays to spread monkeypox with this sort of approach.

I think they do.

Nobody not on the far Left gives a shit about COVID anymore.

Biden won because of election fuckery related to emergency COVID measures.

I believe they are encouraging a monkeypox outbreak to use emergency measures to affect the midterm election and minimize their losses.

Or maybe my tinfoil hat is too tight.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “My tinfoil hat is getting tight again”
  1. Its a “major panicky issue”…. Among the liberals… everyone else doesnt care a wit. Democrats are freakin out and grasping at any issue they think will save them. We the People are fedup to HERE and tuning out and turning off… I “hope” a red wave is coming but we had one in the 90s and it wasnt much.. 2 more years of bidenfukery I dont know if America will survive..

  2. Yeah, we need to declare a national health emergency and appoint a “Monkey Pox Response Coordinator” (who is a former FEMA administrator, not a physician) for a disease that so far hasn’t killed anyone in the USA, can be avoided by refraining from person to person contact with people with active pustules, and so far is largely confined to gay men. In addition a vaccine that is safe, effective, and has been used for many decades, isn’t available because the China Joe’s administration allowed the stockpile to expire.

  3. Your tinfoil hat is mine. I said this same thing this morning at the breakfast table with my lady. She got all defensive when I said we should tell gay men to stop spreading it. She then told me that because of this attitude people will *die* because they aren’t being tested for monkeypox.

    Big argument. We went to our corners for the time being.

    1. Or, put it another way … the government and media are deliberately withholding and suppressing the most effective advice as to how to avoid contracting and spreading monkeypox.
      What’s funny to me, is that over the past couple of years Mrs. B. has gotten more … emphatic … about governmental overstep, corruption and incompetence than I am. I blame Dan Bongino. (She started listening to him when she was commuting an hour each way.)

  4. Last time we had an ’emergency’ in Florida – Cities and Counties went wild. That allowed them to avoid a whole bunch of rules put in place to keep them honest – hiring, purchasing, permitting, etc. Someone asked DeSantis if he was going to declare an ’emergency’ here in FL. He said – No, counties and municipalities would just abuse. It’s good to have someone that is smart in charge.

  5. Borrowed:

    A Man Goes To See His Doctor…

    Man – Doctor, I’ve got a fever, body aches and a rash.

    Doctor (after tests) – I’m afraid you’ve got the monkey pox.

    Man – Oh my god, what should I do?

    Doctor – I suggest you go to Mexico, eat plenty of raw fruits and vegetables, some street tacos and drink their brown water.

    Man – Will that cure me?

    Doctor – No, but it’ll teach you what your asshole’s for.

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