In California, there have been two mass shootings in nearly as many days.

The one on Half Moon Bay was carried out by a 66-year-old Asian man.

The one in Monterey Park by a 72-year-old Asian man.

What exactly the fuck is going on?

This is the absolute most unlikely demographic for a mass shooter but we had two back to back.

Something is fucky but I can’t figure it out.

Usually my tinfoil hat is working correctly but this is throwing me for a loop.


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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “My tinfoil hat is malfunctioning”
  1. Dont forget about the assault weapons bans at state and federal level that are all coming out citing these cases.

    I’m sure the people pushing them have a half dozen sitting on their desk at any time waiting for an event but still.

  2. Didn’t one of the shootings get stopped while the shooter was changing mags? Apparently the time it took to swap out a 10 round CA compliant mag with a second CA compliant mag was enough for the average citizen to bullrush the shooter.
    Of course, the story will disappear soon. Sort of like that Las Vegas shooting and Paul Pelosi getting hammered.

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