Let’s do some political math.

1: The FBI has been lying to pad the numbers on how dangerous the Right-Wing white men MAGA moment is to make it look like they are more of a threat than they really are.


2: Leftist punditry and media is claiming that the response to the political raid of Trump’s home at Mar-A-Lago is dangerous.


3: Violence happens, but we don’t yet know the motivation.


I’m adding all of this together and it seems like they are baiting us and priming the shit out of the pump for violence.

They are provoking a reaction and then claiming that we’re actually the bad guy for calling them on their bullshit.

Everything about this seems like it’s geared to justify maximum violence against the GOP base prior to the election.

Maybe my tinfoil hat is getting tight but holy fuck is this adding up to something shitty.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “My tinfoil hat says we’re being baited”
  1. Mine as well. I keep thinking they want to provoke a violent reaction, so they can claim a “real” insurrection and declare martial law prior to the November election.

  2. I said this earlier- but democrats dont take We the People as we are(unlike “antifa)… we will only resort to violence when nothing else works… stay the course.. tighten that tin foil hat… We the People will prevail. If it comes to it, we will win

  3. If you haven’t figured out that the fascists will do whatever they want, NO MATTER HOW WE REACT, you ain’t paying attention at all. They have been bringing violence to us for several years, they won’t slow down/stop/negotiate from here on out. We don’t fight back, martial law anyway. We do fight back, martial law sooner. We don’t fight back, get in the cattle cars peacefully and die quietly. We do fight back, some are still going to be put in the cars, there just might be fewer herders to do it. The fascists/communists/demoncrats/rinos have gone to far, gotten to close to the destruction of this country to be stopped by voting. Face up to that fact, if you don’t face anything else.

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