I have seen a lot of news about the number of Middle Eastern terrorism suspects that entered the US through our South border.

How they might propagate a 10/7 like attack in the US.

Good.  I hope they fucking do it.

These people tend to congregate in big blue Democrat cities.

The same big blue Democrat cities where Leftists and Palestinian supporters have been cheering on the deaths of Jews and saying Israel deserved it.

Okay then.

I hope that every big blue Democrat city Leftist who stands with Palestinie and has been tearing down posters of kidnapped Jews experiences every single atrocity that was done to Israel.

When they cry on CNN and say, “But I stood with the Palestinian, I don’t understand why they raped my wife to death and beheaded my children,” I will sit back, with a smile on my face, crack open a cold one, and say, “You fucking deserved it.”

By the millions, I hope it happens.

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By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “My ugliest honest opinion”
  1. Look, I don’t like these leftist scumbags any better than you do, but that’s just evil. Besides, if it happens they’ll target Orthodox communities, synagogues, Hillel headquarters on campuses, JCCs, and the like. Terrorists are monsters but they’re not stupid.

  2. I’m with you J Kb. the leftist in the US need to experience the reality of their choices which won’t be the complementarian propaganda the leftist elites deceived them with over the past twenty years. However, every single non-leftist, non-democrat-controlled area of the USA needs to be hyper vigilant because the Obama-Biden Administration has and still is today, transporting the worst of the worst military-aged radicals to their political opposition’s back door—not the front door. And our religious non-for-profit organizations, are assisting in this effort, providing and financially backing a pipeline through Central America into a republican area near, you and me.
    I will assert that anyone with a Utopian Mindset, is in fact the very epitome of Human Weakness. And it is through this weakness that the enemy will come, smiling, being thankful, with arms open in gratefulness, to be in the USA, but then as planned, will hold your feet while the strict Islamist cuts your head off. This is exactly how the Palestinian via Hamas, tricked Israel into believing all was progressing as the peaceful Jews believed was possible. Israel thought they were making progress. So, they opened the door in several ways. Today they won’t open those doors anymore.
    There are many people in red areas who think there are good Islamists and bad Islamist. Nothing could be further from the truth. The former will hold your feet, while the latter cuts your head off, that is, if you’re a male. For females and non-heterosexuals, it’s much worse.

  3. So funny for years people have been saying what about terrorists crossing the border and we get its not happening you racists.
    Now the media and gov flips and goes oh yea thats been a problem and gaslights us like they didn’t ignore it all along. Sadly that is what the American way has become.
    Unfortunately while I understand your sentiment there will be no good outcome for us. All it would do us give us patriot act 3.0 and careen us headlong into 1984 and probably actually land us there.

    1. Do not assume leftists are mature adults. They are not. They are children in adult sized bodies with adult level vocabularies, but their thought process is 100% toddler.
      If a toddler says one thing today, tomorrow they will say the opposite and act surprised when you remind them of what they said previously. That does not matter, or they have excuses why you should ignore it.

      1. I assume no one is mature, myself included. There is plenty of hypocrisy to be found all around. Left, right, center, the moon, down the devil’s ass crack.

  4. Leftists will never realize the error of their ways until they have to suffer the consequences of their actions.
    I need look no further than the sanctuary cities having conniption fits because they have to actually be a sanctuary city. Suddenly, being generous is not a good thing because you are no longer using other people’s money and/or time.

  5. One other aspect of that scenario: it would be the catalyst to rip the current administration forcibly out of office, root and branch, and hang them all for treason.
    Then the US would lead the fight to eradicate Islamic terrorism from the earth once and for all

  6. I agree with J.Kb to a point. I don’t hope any of the killing and raping happens to anyone, even on the Left. But if they choose it, when it starts to happen in their cities I certainly won’t be risking myself to help them stop it, any more than I’d try and help stop violent crime in their areas after they disarmed their people and hamstrung their police.
    They can face the consequences of their actions, because that’s what they chose.

  7. Acquaintance of mine did a tour in Afghanistan, said they came across plans for Beslan-like operations in CONUS, aimed specifically at rural i.e. red state schools…..
    Dont plan on the Jihaddis following expected behavior.

  8. Now now, don’t be so hasty to condemn.
    If the Israelis crossed lines, then they deserve to have lines crossed back at them.
    You said so yourself.

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