Yup. The Westboro Baptist Church of the Gun Control Movement HATES Universal Background Checks.

While all of the gun violence prevention groups—large and small—are pushing for universal background checks (a background check for every gun sold) they overlook the fact that in the last eleven high-profile gun massacres, each of the killers or suspects passed a background check. Universal background checks would have done nothing to prevent these massacres.

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Wait… don’t jump for joy just yet. Elliot is not having a change of mind.

To prevent the Charlestons, Auroras and Umpquas, universal background checks—which only look at an electronic database which is missing millions of records—will not suffice. We need “universal real background checks —checks that are as thorough as those done for adopting a child. (By the way this is how they do it in other countries—like England.)

I am all for an Adopt-A-Gun campaign. Do you know how many guns are stored in police rooms around the country, begging to go to a good home? Will you be willing to donate mere cents a day so that Old Colt Woodsman, all by its lonesome in the dark recesses of the MDPD could come live with my family? Have a heart!

Checks should include interviews with the people who actually know the purchaser (neighbors, family, workplace associates) and interviews with the purchaser himself. Every one of the last eleven high-profile killers was known in his community to be mentally unstable and deeply troubled. They were clearly unfit to be gun owners. Nonetheless, they passed their background check.

Holy crap, isn’t this insane? Just imagine a co-worker that hates you because your work output is better than his being the pivotal point in the permitting. Hell, I have a nutty neighbor that would swear to you on a stack of Bibles and Talmuds I am the reincarnation of the Devil himself. Good luck on that one.

When the Federal Assault Weapons Ban was passed in 1994, instead of our side insisting that the definition of an assault weapon be based on function—any firearm that fired more than 10 bullets a minute—our side agreed to have assault weapons defined by the technical mechanism used to extract and install a magazine. This allowed manufacturers to install a cheap button on the side of the assault weapons they already manufactured which circumvented the definition and nullified the ban. Today, far more lethal assault weapons are sold as the meaningless ban was allowed to expire in 2004.

If your nose is suddenly bleeding, you are in good company. You cannot read that much stupid and not suffer some sort of blood loss. It simply does not make one bit of sense what Elliot is saying. 10 rounds a minute? The century old concept of magazine release button as a circumvention of the 1994 AWB?  He has to have a meth lab behind his house and he is tasting the product…heavily.

The certain way to deal with the horror of gun violence now is for President Obama to declare a state of emergency due to the gun violence epidemic and then unilaterally issue the unrestrained executive orders needed to halt it—including universal real background checks—orders he cannot issue without declaring a state of emergency. That is why we urge you to sign our petition asking him to do just that.

Ain’t that cute? Why don’t we have a President with dictatorial powers go batshit crazy and push 80 million gun owners into practicing with their firearms. That way it confirms all along why we have the divine right to keep and bear arms.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

9 thoughts on “National Gun Victims Action Council: The False Promise of Universal Background Checks. ”
  1. Ten a minute is SLOW. Doesn’t pistol competition have a series that requires faster shooting than that? I have a North American Arms Mini that could do that, if it didn’t only hold five rounds and take five minutes to reload…

  2. Elliot’s been senile for years and I’m not sure if he even knows what state he lives in most of the time.

    Of course he’s not the only one. I had an anti the other day insist that the McDonald case mandated CCW in the US and that almost no state had it before then.

  3. I could beat that with my blackhawk, or close.

    Is that his laughing face? Looks like some inner demons are struggling to get out.

  4. Talk about someone needing a universal “real” background check….who left the asylum door open again?

  5. I bet Jerry Miculek scares the hell out of him. But at the same time he’d probably use Miculek’s speed as a gauge to regulate just which guns can fire 10 rounds in less than a minute.

    And this guy would be the next standard used to regulate gun owners . Flintlock. 3 rounds in 46 seconds.


  6. Guys like this may talk big, but everyone knows that this is what game theorists call the “Grim Trigger.” Any attempt to actually ban guns will change the field forever, and not in anybody’s favor(though less in their favor than ours.)

  7. I believe that he’s confusing the California AWB / Bullet Button and the firearm manufacturer compliance with the Federal AWB.

    So with these “universal real  background checks” he wants to turn the whole country into the crime free paradise of New Jersey?

    Also those “…universal real  background checks… they do it in other countries—like England.” don’t work ether.


  8. “By the way this is how they do it in other countries—like England”
    Apparently, he doesn’t realize we fought a war to keep from doing things like they do in England

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