By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Nature is healing from the MAGA cult”
  1. It seems like in 2016 We the People loved Trump.. today its like nobody likes him. As I said an some of yall can hate me- the whole “voting” thing is a sham. What happened to my Country??

  2. Not keen on the use of “MAGA Cult” as a term here. I thought we were the adult ones?
    Seriously, Make America Great Again is a laudable goal.

    If you want to say it is a Trump cult, I am good with that. Leave the people who want to America to be the shining star it used to be out of it. Not ever MAGA person adores Trump.

  3. You don’t like Trump. That’s fine. He’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I do take issue with you implying I’m in a cult because I do. I grew up in a cult. This is not the same.

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