In secret Facebook groups, America’s best warriors share racist jabs, lies about 2020, even QAnon theories
NBC News reviewed posts from four private, secret Facebook groups that describe themselves as solely for current and former special operations forces.

They’re the most elite, lethally trained members of the U.S. military, widely considered the best of the best. And yet in secret Facebook groups exclusively for special operations forces that were accessed by NBC News, they share misinformation about a “stolen” 2020 election, disparaging and racist comments about America’s political leadership and even QAnon conspiracy theories.

The video is priceless.

You know exactly why this was done.  I covered it recently.

USSOCOM appointed a career bureau-weenie diversity and inclusion officer Zampolit to introduce Woke to the Special Forces.

There was backlash and he was allowed to fail upwards out of USSOCOM.

Because the Special Forces resisted Wokeification, they have to be destroyed.

I’ve known some SOCOM guys, there are a few here in Huntsville.  They are the opposite of Pentagon Brass.  They are not bureau-weenies who like to hob-nob with politicians in DC.  They are very much Trump supporters.

NBC doesn’t want you thinking of our elite warriors, the first to be sent into a crisis, as heroes.  They want you to distrust them and think they are the real threat to America.  Not the terrorists they take out at zero-dark-thirty but the SEALs and Green Berets with MAGA stickers on their cars are who are really the danger to America.

This is an ugly hatchet job done to our Special Forces.  The only good military personnel to the Left are the partisan officers who support Leftist politicians and enlisted who will carry out any unconstitutional order without question for a paycheck.

Real hard-fighting patriots in our military is not what they want so they have to sabotage America’s view of them.


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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “NBC wants you to believe that the greatest threat to America is the guys who took out Bin Laden”
  1. I was about to ask “are they that stupid to attempt to vilify the people most able to ‘get them’ in wherever they’d be hiding” but I answered my own question.


    They are that stupid and more.

    What most people don’t understand is that for most of the missions that the spec ops community does, don’t require a lot of expensive equipment or vehicles.

    The only reason it’s expensive to use spec ops personal is because it’s the .gov that’s having to train, equip, and get them to the target in some far off location.

    If a small group of trained people wanted to actually do something in the US, it would be embarrassingly easy and relatively cheap.

    1. And THAT is what scares the dog snot outta the fascist left media/government. It’s the knowledge that these highly trained patriots who are able to access better intel than the media are capable of going against those who seek to destroy the nation. IF push comes to shove, they would be able to operate without hinderance from the vast majority of the population (the conservative majority of the U.S.).

  2. Once again, they trot out the ” right-wing extremists” mantra, and ignore the real threat, anstifa and other lefties.

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