The Jews have utterly lost the social media propaganda war.

Actor and environmentalist numbnuts Mark Ruffalo actually came out and apologized for saying that Israel was committing genocide in Gaza, a factually accurate statement.

He is now trending on Twitter with nearly every comment being how he’s a traitor that licks Disney Jew boot for money.

The talking point went out to the Democrats to “both sides” the anti-Semitic violence.


This is the same tactic used to denounce Israel.

Hamas launches thousands of rockets at Israeli children.  Israel shoots them down then bombs the rocket launch sites.  The Left screams “both sides.”

Palestinians are beating up Jews.  The Left says there is a rise in anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.  Just wait until some Jew actually shoots a Palestinian for beating him up on a city street.  The Left will go insane because Jews are not allowed to defend themselves.

Trump is kicked off Facebook and Twitter but saying “Hitler was right” or some variant thereof doesn’t even get you a warning.

Death threats against Jews are fine.



We have utterly lost.

Right now it’s just beatings and IEDs thrown at Jewish-owned businesses.

It’s 1938.

The mass execution of Jews began in 1939 and most Jews were murdered in the holocaust between 1942 and 1943.

Given the same timeline (which is a poor assumption as social media accelerates trends), that puts the Left engaging in its final solution around the end of Biden’s first term.

The Squad will demand the Jews be liquidated for equity and senile Uncle Joe won’t have the wherewithal to resist.

At this rate, I don’t see how we come back from that brink.  I really don’t.

It’s going to be bad.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Never Again is going to happen in my lifetime”
  1. I’m not Jewish but I am of Polish decent and I couldn’t agree more. I have a strong dislike (actually hate) for nazis and commies.


  2. I don’t believe it is inevitable. We are still armed. I know that is one reason why they are trying so hard to disarm us, but they haven’t succeeded yet. I believe most Americans would stand up for their Jewish friends and neighbors, even if it cost their own lives. I think the treachery of the Media needs to continue to be exposed. They control the narrative. We need to expose their lies.

    1. Unfortunately, too many Jews not only aren’t armed but don’t understand (yet) why they should be. This is why I like pointing at Robert Avrech’s essay “Jew without a gun” because it teaches that point so well.

  3. JujuPrinting off synthesis papers published by picatinny arsenal. Checking fuming HNO3 prices makes me feel poor.

    Is there an advantage to claymores with RDX like detonation velocities or is that just pouring money down the drain?

  4. “Social” media is the enemy of everyone.

    Without social media, if an idiot wanted to go downtown to beat up some Jews, odds are, their family/friends/coworkers would talk them down, or at least say something that would distract them.

    Now, the same person posts on social media that everyone should go to some Jewish neighborhood and crack some skulls, and thousands of idiots agree, like the post, and share the post.

    These things are going to increase in frequency. The social media platforms are the tool to make it happen. And, they know it.

    When Twitter/Facebook/Instagram ban a former President of the United States from their platform because his posts are inciting violence, they are acknowledging the power of their platforms.

  5. I pray to the Lord that it won’t come to pass. If it does, the enemies of our Republic (and they are legion) will do their worst and take any opportunity to capitalize on the disruption.
    The idiots on the left don’t seem to realize the consequences of their endeavor.
    Right now, we all need to pray for reasonable people to prevent the worst.
    In the meantime, keep your powder dry.

  6. LAPD gear is having a nice sale on ceramic plates… the metal ones we have will go in the rig between seats and doors for first level of protection for when things go a bit spicier, new ceramic plates go in the carriers (one for each family member). Expecting my wife to be able to move around carrying 25 lbs of level IV protection was OK when ceramics were far pricier but not now. Our 22 yo will have to suck it up, and the 10lbs will be tough for our 9 yo.

    And to Miguel — I’m close to buying a Ford Excursion, about as close to 4WD APC as I can get for under %12k. Gas may go up to $5/gal, but a bit of piece of mind is priceless. Huge volume for goodies inside and can pull a heavily loaded trailer if bugging out is needed by its V10 (the diesels versions are going for a huge premium).

  7. I was surprised by this statement in your post

    “apologized for saying that Israel was committing genocide in Gaza, ***a factually accurate statement.***”

    I am a semi-regular reader and thought you were a supporter of Israel and would never say that “Israel was committing genocide” was “factually accurate”, or was this a misstatement. Personally I disagree and do not think Israel is committing genocide, but then again I do not follow events in Israel very closely.

    I tend to agree with the rest of your post with the caveat that I don’t think things are quite as bad a you say, but I could be wrong and best to be prepared.

    1. Yes, I’m confused too. It sounds like a part of a quote that came across strangely because of not being in quotation marks and because of the punctuation.

      A couple of days ago EU politicians were heard complaining that Israel wasn’t being “proportional”. My reaction was “be careful what you wish for” because Israel’s response actually was far milder than any “proportional” response would have been. “Proportional” would mean carpet bombing Gaza indiscriminately with 4000 bombs. What they actually did was far smaller, quite precise, and vastly less deadly.

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