Before McKinsey consultants, the Security State, COVID Bureaucracy, and DE&I administrators took over our airlines this was your flight crew…

This was your seat…

And this was your in-flight snack…


Cocktails and horderves served by an attractive woman in a miniskirt while sitting in a lounge chair in the sky.

Now some bitchy Karen in poorly fitting pants, on a power trip from the authority granted to her by the FAA and DHS, yells at you about how you can only take your mask off to sip your urine sample cup size allotment of soft drink, then you have to put you mask back up or she will have you banned from the airline for life.

I was born in the wrong era.


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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Never forget what they took from you”
    1. Legroom is a real issue for those of us who are taller than 6′. I’ve shelled out for extra leg space and been sorely tempted to upgrade to business/first class more than once.

  1. Not long ago I was on a flight to Newark from London, and I was graced with the scene of a UA attendant screaming and shaking a woman who dared to use the wrong bathroom. Spittle was flying, and it wasn’t the passenger’s.
    This is what we’ve come to.
    I hope the woman sued UA.

  2. The Golden Age of Air Travel. When a ticket cost a weeks wages.

    Now you are Flying Greyhound. It is really cheap. Not just the service, but the passengers too.

  3. Fortunately, there are still some attractive attendants, even if they dress more, ah, modestly.

    Not that I’ve gone anywhere in 2 years or so.

    Oh, and let’s not forget the smoking back then

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