Not a single clue.

Julissa MagdalenaMaradiaga-Iscoa attempted to drive her vehicle through the airport entrance, crashed her car into a Miami-Dade Police patrol car and screamed at officers in what was believed to be Arabic and then, in English — all before falsely claiming she had a bomb, according to authorities.Miami-Dade police turned over the case to the FBI, which confirmed the federal charges against the 33-year-old Honduran citizen.

“At this time there appears to be no nexus to terrorism,” FBI special agent Michael Leverock said in a statemen

via Honduran making false bomb threat at MIA to appear in federal court | Miami Herald Miami Herald.

And this is from her Facebook page:

Julissa Iscoa

I looked up “Shaheeda Hadee” and came back as “Martyr Supporter”.

The suspect is from West Palm Beach where she owns an online store according to state records.

It will end up being a simple traffic accident. She was trying actually to get into the Flamingo Garage.


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