Andrew Branca has done a lot for the gun rights and self defense community.

I was trying to argue a rational point about a shooting I thought was unjustified.

That was how I was trained when I clerk for a lawfirm and thought about going to law school.

Did he respond with a logical counter point?

No, he responded with petty schoolyard bully insults.

It’s actually kind of pathetic when you think about it.

I guess being a lawyer on Twitter has made him succumb to Tyson’s Law of Social Media.


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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Never meet your heroes”
  1. One thing I have noticed in the gun “culture “ of late- lots and lots of small minded petty trolls who wait to pounce on you when you make a comment that offends them somehow…. I have stopped participating in a ton of gun related forums and pages. Instead of engaging in polite debate they turn 8th grader on you. Fuk em, fuk em all.
    IMHO Im inclined towards (what I know of this) saying there may have been other avenues the officer could have taken other than a head shot at 20-25 yards( good aim at least heh heh) I dont know, I wasnt there. 75 feet is a distance to heave an axe. And IF charged its a bit more time to react and avoid, maybe? We mite never get the full story…

  2. Being an avid supporter of both J.Kb and Andrew Branca, and after reviewing this matter, it’s hard for me to believe Andrew made that comment. It just doesn’t sound like the Andrew Branca I have been reading online, in public blogs, comment sections of website articles and his publications, for almost a decade. I see J.Kb’s point but I remain undecided as to whether or not the cop was justified in taking a head shot in that situation. I need to know if the cop knew this guy, or if the guy had a history of violence against law enforcement. I would need to know more information before coming to a conclusion. I am also going to take that same approach with Andrew’s comment, until I know more. It was Andrew who pointed me and other’s interacting with him, to this blog. No matter what happens, I’m remaining loyal to both parties. I will say I am leaning towards the possibility that someone other than Andrew wrote that reply.

  3. Bianca is a good lawyer and I’ll continue to listen to his YouTube videos.

    I think he got caught up in hearing what he expected to hear and not what was actually said. The question I think he heard was “Is the shoot legal?” vs “Was the shoot good?”

    I think he was correct, the shoot was legal. I don’t think it was a good shoot.

  4. What kind of Mean Girls insulting non-sense is this? It sure doesn’t sound like him but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

    I’m also surprised and disappointed by the comments who seem all up about how police just want to go home at the end of the night but have statements about how they’ll never give up their guns and bootlicker in their posts. Cant be both ways.

  5. Semi-related situation: I had been reading Mas Ayoob’s columns since the early 70s and I took his MAG 40 class in 2018. I was actually not disappointed in him.

    OTOH, I was disappointed that he divorced his wife (whom I met at a gun show in NH). Not my business, of course. 8>)

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