New Jersey Human Sub-Species.

Via The View From North Central Idaho.

Speaking at the Statehouse, state Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg (D-Bergen) assailed the newly relaxed regulations as expanding “the scope of the right-to-carry well beyond what is authorized under current law.””To put it simply, if these regulations were adopted, it would allow every cab driver, pizza delivery driver, Uber driver and anyone else living or working in a high-crime neighborhood to qualify for a firearm permit,” Weinberg said.

Source: N.J. Democrats seek to block Christie move to make it easier to get gun permits |

“Ni con el petalo de una rosa.” (Not even with a rose’s petal.) That is a Spanish saying that means you should not touch (hit a woman even with the petal of a rose. If you are male Hispanic, you probably heard it over and over, specially when you hit your sister or girls in the playground and your mom gave you a dose of real butt hurt with her favorite discipline instrument.

But reading that despicable comment by Senator Weinberg, one must fight the desire of smacking her face with a red-hot cast iron skillet. Cab drivers, Pizza delivery driver and Uber drivers are in her opinion an human sub-species that should not have the right to defend themselves.  The only question that remains is who else is in her list of  Undesirables that do not merit worth keeping alive.

And she will be re-elected to office again like she has been since 1,992.

Seriously, we have to stop voting for petty dictators.

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  1. unfortunately, that is my monkey and this is my circus. I don’t vote for her but far to many do. The corruption that infests all levels of NJ government will never be voted out; it will only be removed by revolution.

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