This psychopath is going to get people killed.

Be armed and be ready.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “New Jersey Jews need guns”
  1. Good luck with being armed in F’in nj!!
    Land of America haters… only the law abiding are unarmed there. Thats why these people are emboldened. That and the protection of “social media”…USA- Unbelievably Stupid Americans..

  2. I have never understood why a group of people who were slaughtered would ever vote for being disarmed. I’m fourth generation Pole and I know all to well what can happen if people cannot/will not defend themselves. I won’t go down without a fight. F-ck na@zis and commies.

    1. I’m equally baffled why my East Coast, including New Jersey relatives respond to synagogue attacks with calls for more gun control. I can only hope that events since October 7 have opened their eyes to both the hatred of the Left and the real danger they face. Here in the PNW the redneck branch firmly believe in armed self defense.

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