Teens Hospitalized After Machete Attack During Argument In Lakewood

Authorities are investigating what led up to an apparent machete attack in Lakewood that sent one teen to a trauma unit due to blood loss and left two other teens hospitalized, Lakewood police said Monday.

The teens told police they had gotten out of their vehicle during an argument with people in another vehicle at the intersection of Ocean and New Hampshire avenues, Staffordsmith said. The victims told police they were attacked by two people with what is believed to be a machete during the confrontation at the intersection, he said.

One of the victims suffered substantial blood loss and was flown to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick for treatment, he said.

Big knives make big wound which bleed a lot.

There is no mention of limb loss, but that’s always a possibility with machetes and other big blades.

When it comes to big knives, the best defense is distance.  Stay away from them.

New Jersey sucks for gun rights, but if you live in a free state, always bring a gun to a machete fight and stop the attacks at safe distance from your body.

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By J. Kb

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  1. Or try like F’in hell to avoid “aurguments” in the first place. But yea, don’t EVER go to a state that isn’t gun friendly…. EVER

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