By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “New proposed COVID restriction”
  1. Needs to be expanded.

    Something for the idiots that adjust their masks by grabbing it right in the center upper lip area. I am thinking crazy gluing the mask to their face, but that might be excessive.

  2. Doesn’t the nose need to be flattened flush with the face, before applying glue, to make it more effective? Asking for reference purposes.

    1. @Dr. RonRobot: Not necessary. You can squeeze the nostrils from the side and that way the cartilage doesn’t get in the way.

      1. @Rick…But then there are openings on each side to allow free flow air to bypass the useless mask. I’m just trying to help.

  3. We don’t seem to have this problem on the west coast of Florida. We still have dumbasses wearing a mask while they drive in their car, but it’s been months since anyone here has given me a hassle about not wearing a mask.

  4. No crazy glue, a nice pair of vice grips. They a lot quicker. Just reach up quick and CLAMP!!! A little bonus is they tend to leave you alone after that

    1. Good Vise Grips cost money.

      They are also now a weapon in the hands of a very pissed off person with a very sore nose.

      1. After he gets done screaming you will be miles away. Whatever. Just a thought. Oh and cheap chinese vice grips would be a little poetic justice…

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