One of my clients has a strong base of developers out of his home country. His people are very sharp, very good. They deliver excellent results. If you ever need Drupal developers, I’ll put you in touch with him.

His company works with some of the best educational institutions in the country, delivering top-notch results.

He noticed that some of his developers were having issues with the pronouncing certain words. So at a company-wide meeting, he had a vocabulary list to review. I stepped in it and took over and taught that vocabulary list to the team.

The next meeting, we did a group reading. Again, to build vocabulary and comfort.

This morphed into me teaching multiple session per week of one-on-one lessons.

One minor issue with this is that I want to do it “right”. I went to my wife, a reading specialist, and asked her how to do it better.

She told me.

I looked at how she did it and what she did. Which led me to trying to do it myself.

I am NOT willing to spend two hours in prep to produce the training aids I want.

So, of course, I’m writing software. I’ll spend 120 man-hours building software, so I don’t have to do 20 hours of work.


I’m having a blast doing the lessons, and I am eagerly awaiting the four sessions I’m teaching tomorrow.

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By awa

3 thoughts on “New Work Stuff”
  1. Friend of mine from Turkey threw me for a loop when he said his life goal was to start a ship farm. I asked ‘A What farm?” He said ‘Ship… baa baa.”” Oh, you mean ShEEEEp” He then practiced the word, emphasizing the E. Funny as hell but he learned it.

  2. Rather reminds me of back when they told us computers would rid us all “all that paperwork.”

    Heh. Yeah, right. Got rid of *carbon* paper and substituted x-number of copies of real tree stuff at a dozen times the weight and bulk.

    Progress. Ain’ it wunnerful? Next, somebody will tell us battery operated cars are environmentally friendly.

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