It’s only January 3rd.

I really can’t blame AOC from wanting to vacation in Florida.

Most of her NYC donors are doing the same.

New York City is an utter shithole of violence, crime, and filth.

The problem is that they’d rather escape to Florida and turn Florida into New York than try to turn New York into Florida by emulating Florida’s successes.

I just never want to hear how Florida is sort of Republican run hellscape when it is the top destination of New Yorkers trying to enjoy life.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “New York City is off to a fantastic start”
    1. I thought so at first, but when I read that it took the cops 5 minutes or more to respond, and the bad guys were gone by then — and on top of that, the cops didn’t bother to investigate — I realized it was just the usual NYC reaction to crime.

  1. It’s very likely that Adams will be the Khrushchev to Wilhelm’s* Stalin- a marked improvement, but still a tyrant.

    *I’m not going to use his phony political philandering fake name here.

    1. It seems you’re right about that. Today I read a NY Post article about the insane maniac just elected as Manhattan DA. It’s clear from the article that Adams fully supported him and apparently still does today. Which suggests that his “tough on crime” slogans were just lies used to get himself elected.

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