Everyone familiar with guns should know the name Gersh Kuntzman.  He was the guy who wrote an article for the NY Daily News about hot shooting an AR-15 at a range gave him PTSD and physically hurt him.

He became a laughing stock of un-serious journalists.

Well… he resurfaced.

Apparently his new shtick is being an unpaid fascist.

It became the topic of a New Yorkers article, because these people are utter human garbage.

A crime wave can be a boon to the media—dramatic content, urgent headlines. The other afternoon, in lower Manhattan, Gersh Kuntzman, the former Post and Daily News columnist, who now runs Streetsblog NYC, set out to document a crime wave of his own making. He slipped on fluorescent gloves and mounted his silver-and-lime bike, which was covered with stickers (“fuck cars”) and outfitted with a black pannier. Inside: paper towels and a blue acrylic paint pen. The goal: to restore license plates whose numbers had been intentionally obscured, a common, illegal tactic employed by drivers looking to evade the city’s speeding-ticket cameras. The restoration work was not exactly legal, either. Kuntzman held up a lanyard. “I always have my press pass,” he said, “just in case we get into a fight.”

In November, a Brooklyn lawyer had been arrested for “criminal mischief” for undefacing a plate. Inspired by the news, Kuntzman began filming similar acts of vigilantism and posting them on Twitter, along with an earworm theme song he’d written, to call attention to the problem.

This low-testosterone colostomy bag goes around ensuring people get tickets from automated traffic enforcement cameras.

I thought that traffic cameras were universally hated by everyone except cops and politicians who use them to pad budgets with fines.

As it turns out, Kuntzman loves them too despite being neither a cop nor a politician.

He’s so proud of his fuckery, he posts videos of it to Twitter.


What the fuck sort of person does this?

Going around making sure people get harassed by automated security camera systems.

This is worse than the miserable people who ratted out neighbors during covid lockdowns.

If any journalist deserves the Khashoggi treatment, it’s this piece of shit.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “New York journalists fails Jews in the Attic test”
  1. … and he’s not only publicly confessing to criminal actions, he’s also telling the people whose plates he “restored” exactly who did it to them.
    This one does not have a strong survival instinct, does he?

  2. Kuntzman held up a lanyard. “I always have my press pass,” he said, “just in case we get into a fight.”

    Doesn’t really get that a “press pass” doesn’t mean shit when you’re an active combatant.

  3. “What the fuck sort of person does this?”
    He is a bicyclist. The only thing more self centered and annoying than that is a vegan bicyclist.
    Oh… he is probably vegan as well. Assuming.

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