Multiple NYPD officers stabbed with machete near Times Square

Multiple New York City Police officers were stabbed by a suspect wielding a machete just blocks away from the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Times Square.

The incident occurred around 10 p.m. at West 52nd Street and 8th Avenue on Saturday, a source from the New York Fire Department confirmed to FOX News.

At least two officers were stabbed in the incident, including a rookie cop on his first day on the job.

And this is why I avoid crowds and stay the fuck home for new years.


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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “New York ringing in the new year with its brand”
  1. If you want to go to Times Square for New Year’s, you are an idiot. No… that is too kind. You are such a total idiot that you should be sterilized to prevent your genes from infecting the next generation. No, that is no harsh enough. There is no punishment severe enough…
    Nothing is happening in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. NOTHING. It is a bunch of people standing behind barricades. Sometimes a band plays, but you can barely hear it. If you manage to come out of there with your wallet you are one of the lucky ones.

  2. What morons! All NYC had to do was declare Time Square a “machete sensitive zone” and this could have been avoided. Next year…

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