Nina Burleigh is the national political writer for Newsweek.

She decided to chime in on the Eric Swalwell nuking of American gun owners Freudian moment with two very revealing Tweets of her own.

Clearly she thinks she is making a profound statement about the character of AR-15 owners.

Really, all she did was illustrate just how ignorant she is and how her bubble is impenetrably thick.

Estimates put the total number of AR-15’s sold in the US at 15 Million.  Ms. Burleigh is aware of maybe half-a-dozen mass shootings that involved AR-15’s.  So she admits to not knowing the vast majority of AR-15 owners, but feels completely confident in criticizing them.

She then doubled down.

This is obviously a woman who supports minority rights.  When a group she identifies as a problem is only 3% of the population, why not use the power of goverment to crush them?

No attitude is more Statist than “they are a minority, we will deny them their rights by fiat.”

Ms. Burleigh’s Tweets are part of the reason why Newsweek sold for $1, and the buyer overpaid.

A New York City bubble journalist talks publicly about something she doesn’t understand and then wants to deny people their rights because they are a minority and she doesn’t like them.

Put like that, she sounds pretty fascist to me, but somehow we are the ones on the wrong side of history.


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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Newsweek demonstrates why magazine wasn’t worth the dollar”
  1. Not a surprise. I quit reading that rag about 40 years ago, when I read an article that was so nonsensical I thought it was a joke or parody. After scanning the whole magazine looking for the disclaimer, I realized that it was not a joke or parody. I tossed the magazine in the trash. And I was at the doctor’s office!

  2. I find it pretty telling that she’s using The Guardian, a rag from the disarmed and crime-ridden U.K., for her idiotic claims.
    This tells me pretty much all I need to know about this laughably-called “journalist.”

  3. Where have I heard that magic 3% number relating to Guns before?


    I wonder if they are related?

    (Only 265 million guns still exist in the US? That’s a lot of tragic canoe accidents.)

  4. My reply to her tweeter thread:

    I guess my AR-15 is defective. It just sits in a corner and does nothing. The toaster, now – I think it is conspiring to do something evil along with the dishwasher.

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