In the last month what have we learned?

There is was an FBI to Twitter employee pipeline

That the FBI used former employees and money to get social media companies to control the narrative and supress unfavorable stories for partisan political purposes.

The Hunter Biden/Biden family corruption story was worse than everyone imagined and the government got on TV and called it Russian disinformation.

Pfizer and the government knew that the COVID vaccine caused clots but suppressed the story and mandated people get them anyway.

Biden lied about creating over one million jobs by two orders of magnitude, and that really only 10,000 new jobs were created.  The false jobs numbers were used as a metric of how strong the economy was before the election and to justify interest rate increases.

Everyday we find out more and more just how much the government lied to us and manipulated us to achieve their goals.  This is only the tip of the iceberg.

And so their priority is to take away our guns to protect the government.

I swear their goal is to disarm us before we find out that QANON is accurate and they really are a Molock worshiping pedophile cult.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Newtown Action makes clear why they support gun control”
  1. Taking our guns has been the plan since the F’in beginning! Not on my watch.. go ahead and “ban” them… the state of conneticuit alone they estamate has over 500 thousand “unregistered “ deadly “assult weapons “….fuk em

  2. And yet in the face of even more irrefutable proof that the government is not nice and doesn’t have your best interest in mind the normies will be unable to overcome the cognitive dissonance and will push it safety to the back of their mind to be ignored so they can go about living their life in peace, harmony, and ignorance.

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