In case you missed the news, the President of Mexico is trying to influence Americans to vote against Republicans who want to declare war on the Mexican drug cartels.

Personally, after killing hundreds of thousands of Americans with drugs, I’m all for tactically nuking the cartels.

Even if you don’t care about hard drug addicts on the streets, mixing fentanyl with prescription drugs and selling them on the streets where they are killing young people is worthy of getting your country obliterated by radioactive death.

The President of Mexico is obviously getting kickbacks from the cartels.  He’s a puppet leader of a failed narco-state.

But if you want to understand the state of American politics, know that the chair of Newtown Action is supporting the President of Mexico over Americans because guns.


I’ve seen videos of cartel violence in Mexico.

The cartels are using full auto military weapons.

The cartels are multi billion dollar international criminal enterprises, they are buying military weapons from corrupt Mexican military personnel, the Columbian military, and Asia.

The guns the cartels got from the US was from Obama smuggling them in with the Fast and Furious debacle.

But that’s inconvenient to the narrative that if we just shut down American gun stores, the cartels would run out of guns.

So anti-gun activists are siding with the cartel puppet in chief of Mexico against American citizens.

You shouldn’t be able to buy guns because that will somehow stop Columbian military officers from selling machine guns to the cartels.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Newtown Action shilling for cartels”
  1. I read/ heard recently that in mexico you can buy full auto AK47s for $15!! DOLLARS.
    But yea, it doesnt fit the “gun violence “ narrative….. meanwhile We the People continue to set NICS records every month..
    “High caliber “ weapons, hahahahahahahahahahahaha.. wtf is a “high” caliber???? Too funny

    1. Just an impression … But there seems to be more downvotes floating around than there used to be, for basically the same nature of expressed thoughts and attitudes people have been using for a long time. (BTW, never change, Curby. 🙂 )
      Anybody else noticing this?

  2. She is not supporting the cartels.
    She is trying to destroy Republicans.
    That the cartels benefit is a side effect, not a goal.

  3. Let’s see … Working with a foreign government to influence US domestic politics and elections. I’m sure I heard somebody swear up and down, a President or so ago, that’s treason.
    Guess it’s okay depending on who does it.

  4. “The guns the cartels got from the US was from Obama smuggling them in with the Fast and Furious debacle.”

    Let’s not forget Operation: Deep Receiver.

  5. By this latest news story, it’s clear that the Global Community Organizer (The one who dreamed up Fast & Furious) is again on the phone, this time to both parties mentioned in the news story. Staying relevant by any means necessary…. within his own mind.

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