Here is where I am going to save my pennies for:

AlphaWolf stock length Glock 19 barrel with a stainless steel replacement slide: Gen 1-3 compatible. Barrel: Gen1-5 compatible | Lone Wolf Arms (


AlphaWolf stock length Glock 19 barrel with a stainless steel replacement slide: Gen 1-3 compatible. Barrel: Gen1-5 compatible | Lone Wolf Arms (


Question (and remember I am a cheapskate) Is it worth the extra $100 for the RMR cut? Is it compatible with a few or many or all?

And I have to see if they sell me the upper without the barrel, I already have one threated for muzzle brakes.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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10 thoughts on “Next Acquistion”
  1. The RMR cut is a standard size. There are a lot of red dots that fit that standard. It’s worth it even if you don’t use it, because adding it later is more expensive.

    1. The large ring is helpful for learning but it does a number on the battery life.

      I like Holosun 507 in circle only. It’s bigger than just a dot and still has a decent runtime.

  2. Nice!

    Have you looked at their preset design slide options? You’ll need to assemble it yourself; not hard to do, there are parts kits and it’s fun if you like building your own.

    1. Red dots on handguns are great..especially for ol’dudes. They are FAST, when you master your draw. You most likely,will Draw High for the dot.
      Practice the Draw 5000 times at least ! Seriously, 10,000 if you are dedicated.

      INVSEST in a Red Dot Handgun Course! Trust me on this, or don’t. It’s worth it.

      There is a Learning Curve, it isnt like a Rifle. No Cheek Wield. No Reference Point.

      Also—-FOCUS on the target(nice and clear) with a blurry dot placed on your POI area.
      Center up on the “nice clear” Chest and dump’em.

      Good Luck.

      Ps-Vibratite on the screws , not locktite

  3. Have you had a look at Brownells?

    They have all of the parts that you want for about $375-ish before any discounts or coupon codes.

    Brownells RMR cut G19 slide $240


    Brownells RMR cover plate $30 (optional if you mount an optic.)


    I’ve had a good experience with the Brownells branded slides and parts. Nice finish and the slide serrations match the OEM slides.

    1. Yep. We are past the “Is it a good idea?” phase, and well into “as a member of the industry, I would welcome a standard so long as it’s what I’m already doing” stage.

    2. Definitely go for the RMR footprint milling. The RMR is pretty much the de facto footprint for slide mounted MRDS setups. The other footprints of note for “big” guns are the ACRO, 509T, and Delta Point Pro (only alive because of the M17/M18 IMO).

      I was skeptical of MRDS setups at first, but I’ll be modifying my setups (or acquiring new) going forward. RMR or 509T footprints for my full size and compact pistols and 407K/507K for my subcompact (G43X/G48, Shield, etc) pistols.

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