No good deed…

Senator Ted Cruz sent this Tweet yesterday.

Here is the short story of Art Jones.  He is well known Nazi in northern Illinois.  He is a real, dyed in the wool, uniform wearing, swastika armband having Nazi.

He’s run for political office at various state and federal levels since the mid 1970’s.  He was a joke in northern Illinois.

The IL 3rd district is a Congressional district in the south west side of Chicago, including some of the suburbs.

The current Congressman of IL-3 is Dan Lipinski.  He inherited the seat from his dad, Bill Lipinski in 2005.  Bill Lipinski held that seat since before I was born in 1983.  That area has been represented by an unbroken chain of Democrats since the late 1800’s.

Republicans do not run candidates in IL-3 because they know they will lose.  It’s not worth the cost of filing the paperwork, that district is owned by the Chicago Democrat Machine.

Along comes Art Jones.  In his own words, he “snookered them” into being the Republican candidate on the ballot.

Here is how much IL-3 is in the lock of the Democrats.

McSweeney’s comments come just days after the filing deadline passed for qualifying a third-party candidate for the general election — which could have provided a safe harbor for Illinois Republican votes. Prior to that, the party had also failed to recruit a candidate to challenge Jones in the primary election, failed to knock him off the primary ballot and wasn’t able to field a write-in candidate against him in the primary.

No Republican wanted to run against Jones because they know they will get the wrath of the Chicago Democrat Machine.  Remember, this is the same Chicago Democrat Machine that got sealed court documents about Jack Ryan’s divorce unsealed to embarrass him in his run against Barack Obama.

You don’t run against the Chicago Democrat Machine, they will break your kneecaps.

So Jones exploited this situation to get himself on the ballot.

“First, it’s morally wrong and I think it’s really harmful to the party. The guy’s a complete nutcase. He’s a Nazi,” said conservative GOP state Rep. David McSweeney. “This is an absolute political disaster.”

Yup.  It sucks.  Let the Nazi run and it embarrasses the GOP.  Run a Republican to knock Jones off the platform and that poor SOB will be destroyed by the Dems.

Of course, the Dems want a Nazi to run against them in a district they own unopposed because they can point and say “see, the GOP really is a party of Nazis.”

All that does is leave the GOP to denounce the guy the slithered in using their name and not give him an funding.

It sucks but that is what it is.

Here is where this goes to shit.

Ted Cruz did the right thing, denouncing Jones.  It was reasonable and principled.  The GOP wasn’t going to win that election at all even with the best of candidates.

However, the Left have spend the last year and a half calling every Republican a Nazi.  They have cried wolf so many times the term has becoming meaningless.  So now Cruz is taking shit for not denouncing every other Republican, but unreasonable, insufferable assholes.

Thanks fuckers for taking a respectable thing and piling on like a bunch so stupid shits.

This is what happens when you spend years crying “Nazi wolf.”

All reason is gone.

The people of the party that kisses Louis Farrakhan’s ass and boos Israel having a field day dunking on Ted Cruz.

I you supported kicking Jewish women out of the Chicago Dyke march, you have no right to criticize Cruz, but they are doing it.

Welcome to 2018, the GOP denounces the Nazi that filed the paperwork unopposed but the Democrat Communist who won a primary is the toast of the town, yet they still dunk on Ted Cruz for being honorable.




2 Replies to “No good deed…”

  1. It’s a Democratic Dirty Trick- get an actual Nazi to run as a Republican, so they can trumpet how the Eeeevil Republicans are running actual Nazis.

    So, they must shout down any attempt by the Republicans to disavow this bastard. Because they need to say that the Republicans never disavowed this guy.

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