This headline caught my attention. I mean, we know we cannot depend on police to keep us safe all the time, right?

But you do need to make an effort on your own safety.  The more I read, the worse it got.

MURFEESBORO, Tenn. (WTVF) — Elbony Weatherspoon says she’s lucky to be alive.

Her ex-boyfriend threatened to kill her and himself with Weatherspoon’s gun, but it was only after she got proof that she said Murfreesboro Police were quick to act.

Officers responded to Weatherspoon’s home back in August to find Michael Thibodeau had barricaded himself inside, armed with the gun Weatherspoon reported missing two days earlier.

Police used tear gas and rubber bullets during a three-hour standoff before Thibodeau finally surrendered.

He was later charged with aggravated domestic assault, vandalism and reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon.

Murfreesboro woman says police failed to help after ex-boyfriend threatened her (

Man, that ended up almost harsh.


Thibodeau flipped over furniture, fired several rounds in the floors and punched holes in the walls.
What made matters worse for Weatherspoon was that her renter’s insurance had just lapsed, leaving her with no way of paying for damages and no home for her three children.

Damn! That has to suck

All this from a man Weatherspoon had only dated for three weeks.

Wait, what? 3 weeks only? The guys just flipped like a switch?

Weatherspoon ran a check on everything about Thibodeau before the two began dating. She ran a credit check, reached out to friends for references, and found nothing out of the ordinary. Weatherspoon did find a criminal history but noticed most of the charges had been dismissed. What she didn’t know was why so many charges had been dismissed.

Hmmm, criminal history. Not for nothing but that tends to be a big effing clue.

Weatherspoon said she first noticed something was wrong when Thibodeau began posting strange things on social media.
Soon, Thibodeau’s own family was calling to warn Weatherspoon that he wasn’t taking his medication.

His own family is sending you warning flares, but you chose not to act upon them? Medication is another effing clue. But wait, it gets better…OK worse.

Two days before Thibodeau destroyed her home, Weatherspoon called Murfreesboro Police saying she had given Thibodeau an ultimatum.

“I told him either you’re going to go to a mental hospital, you’re going to get checked or we can no longer talk anymore,” Weatherspoon said.

Body camera footage from that day showed officers responding to Weatherspoon’s home. Officers asked if Thibodeau had been physical with her, but she said it was all verbal.

Weatherspoon then told officers that her 9mm pistol was missing. She said the gun was in plain view when Thibodeau was at the house, but now she can’t find it.

Let’s review: Woman with three kids, dates a man with a criminal history and has been warned by his own family he is not taking medication, allows him in her house where her three kids live and there is an unsecured gun in the premises, but the cops are to blame when shit goes off the rails?

No dear, you fucked up and endangered your kids for a piece of male sausage.




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By Miguel.GFZ

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2 thoughts on “No honey, you are the one to blame.”
  1. There’s this word, responsibility…
    This whole thing seems like a good candidate for an NPR broadcast, with the slant that she’s a victim of circumstance rather than, ultimately, herself.

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