The NY Post is reporting that radical activists have doxed the six conservative Justices and are staging protests outside their homes.

A real Presidential administration would protect the independence of the Judiciary by preventing intimidation and threats.

This President administration is going to allow the radical Left to threaten Court Justices because it disagrees with the Court.

As our inflation rate hits banana republic levels, so does our political system.

The Executive is now letting the mob try and cower the Judiciary into submission.

Great preservation of those democratic norms.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “No mean Tweets but Antifa can intimidate SCOTUS justices”
  1. I was amazed to hear one (only one, but that’s more than zero) Democrat politicians (Sen. Warner, D-VA) denounce the leak. Everyone else, Biden and his mouthpieces included, seem to think that major breach of trust is just perfectly ok.

    I hope the Justices remember one of the reasons the 2nd Amendment exists, and keep their weapons loaded and readily at hand.

  2. The DOJ would look into it but they’re too busy looking into the domestic terrorists that are speaking at school board meetings and trying to hold school admins accountable.

  3. Um, there are laws against threatening judges in an attempt to influence the outcome of a trial. This is exactly that.

    1. So was Sen. Whitehouse’s threat to SCOTUS not to rules against NYC in the recent gun rights trial. It worked that time; it’s not strange that his fellow travelers would think that it would work again.

  4. Rob Crawford: um, no. Agshually, there laws against YOU OR ME, attempting to intimidate judges, in an attempt to influence a court’s decision.

    If you and I were Black Block, or Antifa, or Burn/Loot/Murder, well, nothing to see here! Fiery but mostly peaceful protests, yessiree!

  5. I think the left has been been at this intimidation game since 2016, battling everything Trump, Floyd riots, Antifa riots, 2020 election, etc. and not getting any pushback from any politicians, local leaders or the DOJ. Its like the bully that hasn’t been punched in the mouth yet. They destroy (or want to) every institution, norm and tradition they see. The filibuster, court packing, voter ID, you name it, they will do it to stay in power. Intimidating SCOTUS is just plain easy, and I’ll bet we see some outright threats of violence that go unpunished. We haven’t even got to the midterm elections yet. And then 2024 after that…can you imagine what that will be like if they think a Republican wins in ’24. We are in for some dark times, and that’s if the economy doesn’t collapse or we don’t starve or get drawn into WW3 before then.

    Does it feel like we should be sharing a country with these people?

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