The trucker ain’t wrong.

Also, I can’t entirely disagree with the sentiment of the Tweet.

I honestly have no idea how we reverse course on this.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “No mean Tweets but your children starve”
  1. Only two ways I see…. Ballot box or cartridge box..
    & it will prob be less than 3% who fight on both boxes. Sad that our Country comes second to whats on tv that night…

    1. Demoncrats have proven they control the ballot box, so that’s out. Get more ammo boxes, because that might straighten things out, if not, you’ll need them to survive.

  2. There’s a breaking point somewhere. We haven’t hit it yet. If enough people get out and vote (enough to overwhelm dem efforts to cheat), we might have a chance to reverse this in November, at least slow this lurch to left down a bit.

    We’re a long way from any kind revolution because of food. First you would see people getting robbed coming out of the grocery store, then maybe trucks getting robbed on delivery routes. Distribution centers would have to have armed security. The government starting to control supply lines and eliminates private distribution. There’s a lot that as to happen before anything big goes down.

    1. “(enough to overwhelm dem efforts to cheat)”
      That happened in 2016. Look what the Dems pulled in 2020 in response. Do you think 2022 will not be a doubling down on the cheating?

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