Pain at the pump: Americans are warned to budget for $5-A-GALLON gas as oil prices surge during Russian invasion of Ukraine and US national average rises to $3.61 – up $1 from a year ago, according to AAA

Americans can expect to see gas prices to rise to $5 a gallon in the coming weeks, as the cost of oil continues to rise in the days following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, experts say – and some parts of California already are.

‘We’re getting closer to seeing our first ever major city gas price average reach $5/gal,’ Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, tweeted Monday, as the national average soared to $3.61, which has since spiked to $3.72 as of Thursday.

The national average as of Thursday is $3.72 a gallon, up 37 cents from February and about a dollar from a year ago, AAA data shows. The increase for the year can also be attributed to inflation and supply chain issues, which were then exacerbated by the Russian invasion.

De Haan says that Americans will see the average rise to $4/gallon before the end of March – nearing the highest-ever recorded national average of $4.11, recorded in July 2008 during America’s Great Recession.


When I bought my Mustang in 2020, I could fill the 13 gallon tank at Costco for about $20.

I just filled her up again and it cost just shy of $50.

I remember filling up the old Chevy pickup with a 26 gallon tank under Obama for $100.

More than $60 to fill up a small car is such and absolute kick in the dick to middle Americans.

And it’s only been a year.

Fuck this administration and everyone who voted for it.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “No mean Tweets for $5 a gallon”
  1. Yes. I hope the tree huggin dope smokin hippies like filling up thier prius for what it used to cost to fill a pickup. The ONLY good thing is this effects EVERONE.. the liberals haven’t figured out how to have two prices for things- liberal and Americans price

  2. Blaming the price rise on the Ukraine conflict IGNORES the steadily increasing prices of the last 12 months, and we know who to blame there Don’t let him use Ukraine as an excuse

  3. Building on J.’s post:
    Russia’s main export products are oil and natural gas. One way to punish them would be to lower their export amounts AND lower the price they get by flooding America with American and Canadian Oil and Natural Gas. We could export LNG to Europe along with our oil too.
    Build the Keystone XL, Sell oil leases on Federal Lands, open ANWR, build nuclear plants, and get the Canadians to build pipelines from Alberta to the Pacific and Alberta to Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes.
    Instead we are banning crappy Russian Vodka for the Symbolism. Our over-credentialed self righteous, hypocritical Ivy League Elites are our biggest problem, not Putin, not Xi. Competent leadership (cough, TRUMP, cough) would solve these problems and bring peace to the world with out firing a shot; just like 2017 to 2021 were Peaceful AND Prosperous; and oil prices were low enough that Russia was canceling warships, new weapons, and being less belligerent. No money? No war in Ukraine.

  4. The high cost of fuel raises the question of which is the better use of 5 gallons of diesel, power the woodchipper or mix it with fertilizer?

  5. Heating oil is over $4/gal and I think that is even more of a killer for people. You can choose not to drive somewhere, but you need to heat your house even if you keep the thermostat low, you still gotta burn oil.

  6. Just remember – the high price of fuel is only tangentially related to the war in the Ukraine. This administration made policy choices to abandon US energy independence, a bi-partisan goal of administrations (with the possible exception of Obama’s) since back to at least Reagan and finally accomplished under Trump, as literally its first act in office. Pipeline projects scuttled, fracking regulated to death, drilling leases withdrawn.
    All in the name of “transitioning” to a “green” energy fantasy future, a green energy fantasy who’s advocates have been heavily bankrolled with Russian money for the last decade or so. Those policy choices entirely benefitted Russian interests, undercut American strategic interests, and all at a time when America was, even with our energy independence, leading the world in reducing greenhouse emissions.
    This is on Biden, pure and simple. No one else – not even the Russians. I will not accuse Biden of being on Russia’s payroll, (though I certainly wouldn’t rule it out). But if he were, it’s hard to imagine his policy choices would be any different.
    Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, and don’t stop saying so. Make them pay in the 2022 elections.

  7. They don’t care if gas literally gets two $100 a gallon and millions of people freeze death because they can’t heat their homes. To them every single person that drives a car or uses oil to heat their homes should be exterminated. Much like how they also want the complete and total extermination of every single United States this and that voted for Trump, Owens guns, is Republican, doesn’t vote party line democrat; along with the literal complete and total extermination of all human life in the United States that opposes or resists the Democrats in any way shape or form up to and preferably including the complete and total literal extermination of all human life in the United States minus themselves. Woke environmentalists want zero emissions in the United States and if that means destroying the country having literally all human life in the United States freeze and starve to death that is fine. democrats RIGHT NOW would love nothing less than the complete and total ban of the use of oil in the United States followed by the United States government using everything it has to kill all human life in the United States minus themselves. They view the United stated government killing every literally every single solitary human being in the United States minus Democrat party members in Washington DC and New York as an acceptable course of action to bring about zero emissions in the United States. These people literally view the human race as a parasitic infestation and they view the mandated near extinction of the human species, i’m talking the literal extermination of all humanity minus themselves as acceptable course of action to staff global emissions. To them the governments of The world exterminating 7.5 billion humans as better than humans polluting anymore.

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