By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Nobody got shot at the range that day”
  1. Now you just bragging.. heh heh heh. We have STRICT rules here that if you break 1 you are tossed out and banned for life..

  2. Outstanding! Had the pleasure of meeting him at an NRA show and he seemed like such a genuinely nice fella. Bet you had one heck of a time there and good on ya!

  3. While it may be impossible to see an attack coming, a lot of the times it is kind of easy, especially for gun guys, to identify someone who needs “extra” scrutiny. There will be a vibe, or the person who is thinking of attacking a celebrity will act odd/off.
    Now, Chris Kyle is a different situation. He was knowingly going to the range with guys who were suffering from mental illness/issues. It was part of the therapy, and they were expected to be acting a bit weird/off.
    Odds of a gun celebrity getting shot at a range event are pretty close to zero. Even if someone goes there with the intent of harming them they will likely be stopped before anything happens. Why? Because the entire range will be filled with gun people, all of which have varying levels of attention to safety. I cannot speak for anyone else, but I am always aware, to the extent I can be, of what other shooters are doing while at a range.

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