Chicago mom left waiting hours for help after 911 call for home invasion: ‘We have no units to send you’

A Chicago mom who called 911 during a terrifying break-in was left on her own for hours — with dispatchers telling her to call her local representative to demand more police funding.

Michelle called the emergency hotline six times after coming face-to-face with two masked bandits, only for the strained supervisor to tell her the city’s severe budget cuts had left them with a bare-bones staff.

“A gentleman got on and said sorry to say we have no units to send you … then there was an awkward pause,” Michelle told NBC Chicago Wednesday…

“He also recommended I call my alderman and I said why, and he said encourage him to hire more police. The dispatcher also asked me if I would consider defending myself … if I had a weapon or considered getting one.”

Note the bolded statement.

This is the reality of living in a major metropolitan area, especially one run by Democrats.

Crime is up and police are down.

You are on your own, possibly for hours.

You need to be aware of that and prepared to do what is necessary to save yourself.

A gun, a flashlight, and a fire extinguisher are your best friends in an emergency.

Semper Paratus, always be prepared.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Nobody is coming to help you”
  1. The problem with Chicago proper of that, if you do defend yourself successfully with a gun, the city will come after you! Even if you’ve jumped thru all the hoops and gotten the permission slip, the leftist city attorney will find something to charge.
    Best to adopt the street habit and drop the body anonymously on a corner in the ‘hood…

  2. fun when the reality of democrats rears its ugly head and laughs…. I bet this gal votes “blue”…. sad to see my America being shredded…

  3. “…..if you do defend yourself successfully with a gun, the city will come after you!”

    Keep a list of useful dumpsters between 6 and 12 blocks away and a supply of extra-extra large plastic bags (they come in 65 gallon and 90 gallon sizes, BTW). Also good to know pickup days for them. If you have a semi-auto, a few spare barrels bought with cash might be handy, too; when making a “dumpster deposit” leave the used barrel in a pocket. Don’t forget the gloves, including when loading the magazine; even 9MM brass can provide a useful print.

  4. I have a business trip to Chicago late August. Not exactly overlapping with the Dem Nat Con, but too close for comfort.
    I wish I could bring something along, but Illinois is not reciprocal with anyone afaik, and I don’t want to leave it in the hotel room when I’m not there. So… Sigh. Maybe the hotel will be peacefully conflagrated before my plane leaves and the visit is cancelled.

  5. Crime is up and police are down.
    And in metropolitan areas run by Democrats, self-defense — particularly armed self-defense — is effectively outlawed.
    It’s all intentional, too. You can see it in their “gun control” policies, their no-cash bail policies and reduced charges for “certain” offenders (while throwing the book at certain “other” defendants), their closing of prisons and releasing any convicts they think they can get away with, etc., etc., and the logical result is inescapable:
    Democrats favor violent criminals over peaceable citizens.

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