ABC Chicago gives more details.


It happened on Jan. 29 around 4:30 a.m. on West Lawrence Avenue near Long Avenue in the Jefferson Park neighborhood.

Within a few strides, a dark sedan screeched along the sidewalk, and four people bailed out and surrounded her.

Then, the four people, who police said were armed with weapons, shoved, manhandled and stripped the 35-year-old woman of her personal property.

For 120 seconds, they pushed and patted down the young woman, riffling her pockets and bags she had been carrying.

They piled back in the sedan and speed off, leaving the woman collecting herself and whatever they left on the ground.

Then, as a city bus approached, the woman frantically tried to flag it down. The bus never so much as paused.

Still, it gets worse. What appears to be the very same car of armed offenders returned for a replay.

Three offenders leapt out and surrounded her for a second time, this time delivering a blow to her head and another 60 seconds of physical intimidation.

Her panicked waves for help were ignored by two more passing drivers.

Why did they attack her again?

Because these are savages and they enjoyed hurting a defenseless woman.

Why did other people, including a municipal bus driver, ignore her?

Ask the ghost of Kitty Genovese.

The lesson, however, is clear.

You are on your own.

Nobody is going to help you.

Even if you give up everything of monetary value, these savages will still hurt you for fun.

Be prepared to defend yourself.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Nobody is going to help you, you are on your own”
  1. In places like Shitcago witnesses simply can’t afford to stop and get involved. First unless they are armed they would simply be victimized also. Secondly…if they ARE armed and intervene then the criminals in power who protect the criminals on the streets will crucify the “good samaritan” and utterly destroy them via LawFare.
    In most big cities you truly are On Your Own…because nobody else can afford to get involved.

  2. the first step to defend yourself- gtfo of places you can’t…. good example of “it won’t happen to me” syndrome. walking alone early in the am.. just like england, put up cameras to record the crime…..yea THAT will protect ya.

    1. Indeed. That was some excellent surveillance camera footage, as these things go.
      Did you see anything that could be considered identifying information? Make/model or license plate of the car, for example? (I think it was dark blue, but that’s all I got.)
      The cameras are supposedly there to collect information for evidence, but most cameras are poor enough quality that they’re useless for anything beyond recording anonymous events. And as the Rittenhouse trial demonstrated, you can’t “digitally enhance” an image beyond the native capabilities of the camera.
      (OTOH, if the cameras were better — good enough to provide that identifying information — that would bolster all the “facial recognition” and “mass surveillance tracking everywhere you go” folks, and I’m not sure solving a few petty crimes is worth the 4th Amendment violations.)
      But they sure as Hell aren’t doing anything to “prevent” crime.

  3. Even if you give up everything of monetary value, these savages will still hurt you for fun.
    This event (along with hundreds of others like it) repudiates every single instance of “Just give them what they want and you won’t get hurt” ever uttered by the Leftist gun-grabbers. Sometimes you can give them what they want, but still get hurt. Sometimes “what they want” is to hurt you, and the stuff you’re carrying is just an incidental bonus.
    There’s only one way to deal with “people” like that. They only speak one language, so there’s only one way to say “No” and mean it in a way they’ll understand.
    Prepare accordingly.

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