I saw this yesterday and I swore to God this had to be a April Fools Day joke.


There is no way that a beer company that sells, or used to sell, beer to men with a pop culture idea of masculinity would put the face of an efete gay man who does a grotesque caricature of a vapid woman on their cans.


The fact is nobody actually likes Dylan.  For all the media hype he gets, nobody wants to be with him.

Marketing companies should know that, right?

Nope, that shit is real.



Honestly, who the fuck does this appeal to?

What woman in a pink bubble bath wants a Bud Light over a wine cooler?

What man after a long shift, cracking open a Bud Light is going to do it in a pink bubble bath?

What layers upon layers of marketing and management thought this was anything but a turnoff?

Or perhaps maybe we all died of COVID and this is hell.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Nope, it’s real”
  1. He is getting eyeballs on screens, and clicks.
    Granted, most of them are because of the trainwreck he represents, but it is still attention. The Howard Stern movie acknowledged as much, more people who hated him listened to him for longer than the people who liked him.
    Of course, a brand like Bud Light, or even the feminine products should know better than to assume eyeballs on screens means people like him. There is a difference between listening to the radio because you “want to hear what he says next.” and putting a picture of some weirdo who is making a mockery of women on a product. An ad on the radio still works even if you do not like the DJ, whereas Bubba is going to stop picking up Bud Light and start drinking PBR, Miller Light, whatever.

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