Now we done it, they have irrefutable proof we (16 million citizens with permits) are not worthy to carry concealed because 0.0078% of people with permits committed the ultimate of infractions: Murder (Cue somber music.)

As you can imagine I checked the Florida page and check on those 84 people killed according to VPC. Well, there weren’t 84 listed (out of the 1,927,724 CWPs issued that comes at 0.004% of violators) and it is mentioned that the cases they present are “vignettes describe the circumstances for killings not ruled self-defense by private individuals with permits to carry.” By my count there were only 57 distributed the following way:

Homicide and Convicted: 36
Homicide Pending: 10
Suicide: 1
Accidental: 8
Other: 3

I counted suicides in Murder/Suicides as Homicide and Convicted. Same for those shooting where the perpetrator died by police action. Now, out of the number originally given we get info on more than half and only 36 have been convicted or died because of their actions. Violence Policy Center has always added pending judgements to the count to add bulk regardless what the verdict will say later. But add accidental shootings and a suicide as cold-blooded murders? Yes, padding the numbers even more. But I want to present to you one the one that takes the cake. Remember this study is so congresscritters and the public do not allow people with Concealed Carry to go out their little reservations and start shooting buses full of orphans and other massacres. Click on the picture to enlarge and read.

Yes, they included a strangulation in the mix just because the killer had a CWP.

And this is why only fools actually pay attention to this “study” by the Violence Policy Center.

And Alyssa Milano is the latest fool.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

5 thoughts on “NoRA discovers VPC’s Concealed Carry Killers.”
  1. At least four of the shootings were a person who took a CWP holders gun and accidentally shot themselves or someone else. Technically, the CWP holder didn’t kill anyone.

    At least one is a retired cop (Curtis Reeves) carrying under LEOSA who shot a guy (Chad Oulson) for texting during a movie.

    If you have to lie to make a point, your point is probably wrong.

  2. In 2013, I went through EVERY 300+ case in the VPC’s “Concealed Carry Killers” document. They included numerous justified homicides that had nothing to do with concealed carry (but the person had a CCW) and — this is the one I really remember — a child who was killed when she found her mother’s gun in a closet and started playing with it. How the heck does that last one have anything to do with concealed carry?

  3. Another thing to bear in mind is the felony murder rule. Basically, if someone commits a felony and another person dies because of it, the original offender can be charged with murder, even if he had no part in it. The classic example is, if two guys rob a store and the clerk kills one of them, the survivor can be charged with murder, because if he hadn’t committed the robbery his partner wouldn’t be dead. Forty-six states have this rule.
    Good so far, right? The problem is, since a murder charge arose from the killing, even though the killing was actually a justifiable homicide, it’s counted in the Uniform Crime Reports as a murder. So if every state with the felony murder rule uses it once a month, the yearly murder statistics are inflated by 552 “murders” that are really justifiable homicides.

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