NoRA ges on full stupid. Internet downloads without background checks? The Horror!

Kid you not. How the hell she intends to do Brady Checks is beyond me.

Probably something like this may work:

I swear we are about to witness the biggest case of the Streisand Effect ever.

I may download a copy myself just for giggles and middle-finger pointing.

4 Replies to “NoRA ges on full stupid. Internet downloads without background checks? The Horror!”

  1. Gun grabbers idea of how to do 3D firearms: 1) Download evil file, 2) connect computer to HP Inkjet printer, 3) Print 3D AK-15, 4) Take AK-15 to school and kill a zillion children.

    1. Yes. Since they are congenitally stupid, they believe that “3d printing” is some sort of magic that creates arbitrarily powerful artifacts with the click of a mouse. The fact that reality is far different is not something they understand, or for that matter something they are at all interested in.

  2. The 3D printers that could do the AR lower cost more than a complete AR. The plastic used to print the AR lower is not that durable or strong and most will break at the buffer tube area. Go find some of Cody’s early attempts at shooting a 3D printed AR lower on YouTube. They failed after a few or many rounds. Injection molded 80% lowers are a better choice if you want to build your own “Ghost Gun” as the Lefties call them. I prefer Aluminum 80% lowers don on my Grizzly Heavy Duty Drill Press with a Compound Table and vise. Yes, it can mill if done properly and slowly.
    And the plastic used to print that Liberator single shot pistol is X-Ray detectable and the gun contains steel so a metal detector can find it.
    And if you have a spare $100,000 or so just doing nothing, get yourself a 3D Laser Sintering machine and build them out of metal.

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