A 17 year old black youth, named Trevon, was shot under dubious circumstances in Miami.

It seems that young Trevon had broken into the wrong home.  The home owner was alerted to the break in by her security camera, rushed over to the home, and shot the youth after a confrontation as we was climbing out of the back window.

Not all of the details are in yet.  The home owner has not been charged and is cooperating with police.

I’m not going to rush to judgement on this case.  Could she have been attacked during the confrontation, making the shooting justified?  Maybe.  Could she have shot an unarmed teenager snaking out of her home?  Equally likely.  What I do know is, as a citizen with a gun, it’s best to avoid this type of situation all together.  It’s one thing if you are home when the break in occurs.  If your alarm goes off and you have security camera footage of the burglar, let the cops deal with it.  Not just as a mater of law, but you don’t know if the intruder is armed.  Don’t go looking for a fight.

That said, sometimes the loved ones of the victims make it very, very hard for me to sympathize with them at all.  Trevon’s aunt is one of these people.

It’s no reason she should have waited until I think he walked out the yard to try to shoot him.  If she called the police already why would she shoot him? You have to look at it from every child’s point of view that was raised in the hood.  You have to understand… how he gonna get his money to have clothes to go to school? You have to look at it from his point-of-view.”

Hold on a minute.  Let me see if I got this right?  Because your nephew was raised in the hood (Liberty City, FL), it is OK for him to break into home and rob them in order to obtain the legal tender necessary to purchase necessities?  Burglary is an acceptable form of occupation?

I’m trying to remain objective here, waiting to for all the facts to come in, and if need be call a bad shoot a bad shoot.  Now I have to try an ignore the crap that came out of your mouth.  Auntie, please, STFU.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Not doing yourself any favors”
  1. Bad shoot! If the perpetrator was climbing out of a window, he obviously was no longer a threat to the woman’s life, therefore she has no claim of self defense, unless he was pointing a gun at her as he was leaving.
    As you observed, more facts ought to be revealed before accurate judgement of the situation could be made.
    However, the observation by the aunt shows the parents’ lack of parenting skills, and her basic attitude sucks! Her indication that her beloved dindunutin wrong nephew was entitled to be a thief just to put clothes on his back so he could go to school just doesn’t buy my sympathy. Parents & other famly members are at fault for inadequate parenting. Sounds like Jefferson, MO mother’s comment about her son shouldn’t get shot every time he goes down town to steal something. Wow!

    1. @1mrbill2: It sounds like the woman wasn’t home. She arrived as the misguided yoot was exiting her home through a window. It is likely a confrontation occurred outside the home, just as young Trevon was about to turn his life around. Whether that change of heart was while he was charging at the homeowner remains to be seen.

      To his aunt’s comment; he could have traded in those gold teeth for cash… just sayin’

  2. The “Aunt” appears to be an enabling narcissist. She is implying that the homeowner has to look at it from his (Trevon’s) point of view. Well, trying putting that shoe on the other foot miss…you (Aunt) and Trevon have to look at it from the homeowner’s point of view too, then. The owner worked and paid for all of their possessions only to have a thieving malcontent to come along and relieve them of their property? That is not how it works, Ma’am.

    Now, I don’t believe that someone should lose their life over mere possessions/property but if an intruder is present when the owner is at home, there is no way of knowing what the intruder will do to get what they want or what they will do to get away.

  3. “What I do know is, as a citizen with a gun, it’s best to avoid this type of situation all together.”

    The rational gun-carrying part of my brain totally agrees with this sentence, because it is by far better to avoid a shoot than having to explain one.

    The irrational, knee-jerk-reaction-to-stupidity-and-criminals side of my brain says that upon hearing the cousin (not aunt) of the deceased, were I on a jury, and this case presented before me, there’s no way in hell I’d vote to convict the homeowner, no matter what. Full stop. They could bring evidence that she hung around and waited for the dirtbag to come out, or that she was secretly a child-eating cannibal who intended to cook and eat the deceased— I still would not convict.

    Jury nullification or hung jury, but the prosecution would never get a conviction as long as I’m on that jury. The cousin’s position is so morally bankrupt that I have absolutely zero sympathy that her thieving cousin who she insists was destined for better things is now dead. He loved education, he just got one. He loved learning, he just learned something. Every lesson has a cost, some lessons are expensive, and some of them only cost you money.

    If thieves gotta thieve, then homeowners gotta home-own. Bye bye dirt bag. No sympathy, none.

    I’m glad I almost always listen to my rational brain, but damn it, in this case I really want to give in to my irrational emotional side.

  4. Bad shoot but I’m still going to laugh my ass off.
    “you have to understand… how he gonna get his money to have clothes to go to school? You have to look at it from his point-of-view.””
    A) No i don’t
    B) Gee, I dunno, GET A FKING JOB?

    PLEASE STOP VOTING/BREATHING/BREEDING – you’re completely FKING up the program for the rest of us..

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