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26 thoughts on “NOT GUILTY ALL CHARGES”
  1. There is only one other person in my office today, and thankfully, he already thinks I’m insane, so my happy dance did not even make him look up from his design program.

  2. Congratulations to Kyle Rittenhouse. May you and your Family find peace and joy. May He watch over you all and keep you safe from the hate.

    You survived being attacked by an insane hateful pedophile Arsonist and again minutes later when a mob of people attacked you with all kinds of weapons from all directions.

    Congratulations to his defense team. Now get him justice for being vilified by lying, closeminded, corrupt, hateful people for the last 14 months.

  3. Thankfully, it’s going to be really cold and rain heavily this weekend in Portland. So most of the communist revolution cosplay committee (née Antifa) kids will have already decamped for their parents houses in suburban San Francisco or Los Angeles. Had this verdict been handed down in the summer, I’d be worried about “fiery, but mostly peaceful” rioting.

    I do wish the residents of Kenosha, Wisconsin good luck though. The Midwest in mid-November isn’t likely to sustain long term rioting, but it will probably be a rough weekend.

  4. I don’t think Kenosha’s in the mood to play kid gloves any more. Those two morons who got arrested yesterday attacking the pro-Rittenhouse group snagged a number of charges.

    They want to protest, better relearn how to do it peaceably.

  5. Good news are always welcome. 😀

    Now heading to the store to stock up on popcorn as the real show will begin momentarily with triggered progtards and their “peaceful demonstrations.”

  6. Now that Kyle is vindicated “cry havoc and let slip the dogs of law”
    I think there’s a motion for sanctions a disbarment action, a civil rights action and several defamation suits

  7. Outstanding! This is a win not only for young Kyle but all of us as well.

    Now hopefully he gets some attorneys who are competent and smell blood in the water and go on a campaign of lawfare against the media that would make Patton blush.

    1. Citizen journalist Elijah Schaefer has been in contact with the Rittenhouse family….let’s just say Kyle is going to be a wealthy young man once the attorneys get through with the propagandists.

  8. Ish,

    Is the Fire Department part of the regular riot suppression team in Seattle during the winter?

    Send out the Pumper with a sterrable Monitor Nozzle on the roof. Hook up the hose to a hydrant. Firre the monitor high angle with a dispersed spray to soak the crowd. Not only will they be wet and miserable, but the street under their feet will be wet, maybe icy too. Bet those Brave Social Warriors will head for home, hopefully cold wet and sniffling.

    Non Violent. Non Destructive. Non-Lethal.

    1. Dunno. I don’t live in Seattle, I live in Portland.

      I’ve never seen fire department personnel at any protests or riots until after something gets set on fire.

  9. Happened to catch it live. I’m happy to see justice prevail in the face of this ridiculous prosecution. I hope people do not choose to remain willfully ignorant, but I have already seen the copium going into over drive.

  10. Good on ya, kid. And on your legal team. I hope you wind up owning not just the city of Kenosha, but CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, as well as *all* of the Pedophile in Chief’s & Willie Brown breath Kamel Toe’s assets after all of your wrongful prosecution & defamation lawsuits are won. I hope by this time next year that you are using that hateful piece of crap Joy Reid’s entire house as your gun room.
    Kyle’s persecution wasn’t about him, it was about setting a precedent that would be used to gut self-defense in every state. We were lucky this time that the prosecution was such a cock-up. I doubt we will be this lucky again to have a frosty, well disciplined individual behind the trigger the next time this type of situation goes down. I would pray that the antifa criminals & burn loot murder clowns realize that this is a warning to them & their ilk that peaceful assembly is the only type of assembly enshrined in the Constitution, but those prayers would be wasted. We’re already seeing on twitter & commentary that they’re incapable of self-reflection & are drawing all the wrong conclusions from this verdict.

    Every statue that was torn down anywhere in the nation over the past 2 years needs to be replaced with a statue of Saint Rittenhouse of Kenosha.

  11. Yes, I was worried too…but now relieved. Self defense is still a valid right, at least for the time being. And while I hope Kenosha stays peaceful, I really don’t care about the delusional leftists who may try to start trouble. Its more important that truth prevails. And there were efforts to turn this – several attempts at doxxing the jury. One of the live feeds I watched throughout the trial had lawyers commenting on all aspects of the trial. After the verdict was read one of them commented on the rumors about a 6 v 6 standoff that came out yesterday. It wasn’t obviously true, but it was mentioned there was probably 1 or 2 Karens that didn’t want to vote NG, and likely the other jurors held the line. KR has his life back, and I hope he stays safe. He has plenty of time to figure who to sue for defamation.

  12. And the whiny lying progtards begin their round of tantrums & ubber bitchyness…

    “Progressives, Democrats erupt over Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal: ‘This is disgusting'”

    And do not forget *out betters* from Hollyweird: “Celebs react to Kyle Rittenhouse’s not guilty verdict: ‘A devastating blow'”

    Me right now:


    1. Ref our “betters” in Hallows-wierd, and their reaction to Rittenhouse’s not guilty verdict: Anybody other than me “wonder” what their reaction will be to to-be-developed jurisprudence concerning Mr. Baldwin?



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