We’ve been without power here for almost 24 hours when you read this, unless power is restored over night.  Not a problem fur is.

The wood stove is doing a fine job of keeping the house warm. Wife is unhappy because she’s cold but everybody else is in short sleeves.

Last night we had homemade pasta that I made with some fancy chicken dish. Only requirement was it had to cook on top of the stove. My lady solved lack of oven by using a Dutch oven.

Hopefully I’ll have power and post later today.

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By awa

4 thoughts on “Nothing from AWA today”
  1. We’re also out and don’t expect power back until tomorrow night. (Now ask me whether I believe the power company’s estimates…)
    To increase the suckage, the outage started about three hours after I took off for a business trip. So it’s my wife and dog who have to deal with it. (I suspect the dog actually likes the outages – more bed cuddles!)

  2. The last few times I’ve lost power here in Houston, I was without power for just under three minutes. And, no, I don’t have an automatic generator, I have to open its house up and start it my self. Terrible. ;-(
    Stay safe, folks.

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