By awa

5 thoughts on “Nothing Good Happens After Midnight”
  1. As the saying goes:
    Avoid stupid people, at stupid places, doing stupid things, at stupid times. Singularly or in any combination thereof.

  2. Farnam’s Four Stupids: Stupid people, doing Stupid things, in Stupid places, at Stupid times of day. Avoid, individually and/or in combination. (and, don’t look stupid, don’t act stupid)

  3. Don’t worry, they will be happy to give your respectful working middle class butt a ticket for no seatbelt or 37 in a 30 MPH zone Maybe both. Just to make it really hurt.

  4. Anybody out on the streets of South LA after midnight whose first name isn’t “Officer”, and/or whose vehicles didn’t come with flashing red or blue lights, has no business out there, and deserves whatever they get.

    That’s been true for 50 years.

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