Now a Congresswoman elect is making this s**t argument

First of all, there is no targeted genocide happening in Honduras, Guatemala, or El Salvador.

The El Salvadorian civil war is over.

These people are not equivalent to Jews escaping Nazi Germany or even Tutsis in Rwanda.

Stop comparing Jewi trying to escape death camps to every other bunch of people who want to come to America.

I don’t remember reading about the Jews on the MS Saint Louis throwing rocks or bottles at harbor police or trying to rush the guards at Ellis Island.

Also, somebody needs to remind Congresswoman elect Ocasio Cortez that FDR turned away German Jews because he was a bigot and Bill Clinton ignored the Rwandan genocide for political purposes.

Her moral high horse is a pile of shit with a saddle on it.

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  1. If they’re fleeing violence in their homelands, they achieved that the moment they crossed an international border. They kept going, though, because they’re seeking handouts and criminal opportunities.

    In fact, a good percentage of the “refugees” are the source of the violence in their homelands, same as it is with the Muslim Hordes that are invading Europe.

  2. There is Ignorance of history then there just plan ignorance, Whole ships full of Jews fleeing Nazi Germany were turned away from the U.S. In the 1930s and sent back to what was to become death camps. They weren’t allowed to enter the U.S. despit the horrors being perpetrated upon them by the government and society.

  3. Also all those Jews and others seeking refuge here came in thru Ellis Island not thru a wall!
    I am sick and tired of these morons using that as an excuse to admit these people . Ggggrrrrr

  4. I really love how the Progressives like to harp on and on about how denying these “migrants” entry in the United States is rooted in racism…

    However, according to demographic data compiled by the Honduran government approximately 91% of its population is of European-descent; El Salvador says 90% of its population are of European-descent; Mexico says 92% of its population is of European-descent; and Venezuela says 95.2% (ninety-five!) of its population is of European-descent… Meanwhile only 88.7% of the United States population are of European-descent.

    I know the rebuttal: they’re not “white,” they’re “hispanic.” As if Hispania wasn’t right there on every map of Europe since long before Julius Caesar was in short pants.

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