A 14 year old boy is running for the Governor of Vermont.  He can because Vermont has no age restriction.  He is running on a platform of strict gun control.

David Hogg as endorsed him.

I endorse him too.

I encourage everyone in Vermont to vote for him and elect him as the governor.

Yes, I’m serious.

I want a 14 year old who gets a $20/week allowance to manage the budget of the state.  I want a 14 year old to have to deal with the emergency services of a state.  I want a 14 year old to be governor.

Yes, I realize that this will bankrupt Vermont and do permanent damage to the economy of the state.

If the Democrats want to run childish adults, they might as well run children, and then they will have to face the consequences.

“The young people will win and then turn it into a dystopian nightmare.”

Maybe that will be enough to get the mainstream to ignore them.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Now I am agreeing with David Hogg (what a day)”
  1. Alinsky Rule #4

    If the Dems want to promote the youth as the future of the Nation, they should be forced to live with a 14 year old governor.

    If I was in VT, I would vote for him, just to see the results…

  2. Just had a funny thought: kid gets elected, kid signs new law into effect, someone contests law on the fact that kids signature is not legally binding due to age, status of law is ????

    Am I misunderstanding the law here?

  3. Further proof that whatever the man-child David Hogg advocates is worthless since he advocates a 14 year old minor to be in charge.

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