I saw a Tweet this morning that has driven me apoplectic.

First the AP broke the story about the outcome of the NC-9 Congressional race.

Then Nate Silver jumped in with this:

For the better part of a month, we saw banana republic level skeeziness in Broward and Palm Beach counties in Florida, Georgia, Arizona, California, and Maine.

In Florida, there were eye witness reports and cellphone video of unsecured ballots being delivered out of the backs of cars.  There were affidavits signed by witnesses of poll workers “correcting” ballots and changing the votes on them.  Election supervisors kept the media and Republican witnesses out of the recount until a court forced a change.

In California, 100% of contested elections swung Democrat.

Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.

Seven times is a fucking coup.

The way the media has responded to this is is biased as you can thing.

Anybody who questioned what was going on in Florida or Arizona was accused of being a racist or undermining democracy.

This is the title of a Mother Jones article, but it sums up the media’s opinion on the situation.

Why Has It Taken California So Long to Count Ballots? Because It Actually Wants Every Vote to Count.

Yes, the Left wants every vote to count.  It is the evil Republicans who don’t want votes to count and want to disenfranchise voters.

The Left wants every vote to count, like the illegal immigrants who were given the right to vote on local elections in California but filled out the whole ballot.

The illegal immigrants who were registered to vote because of California’s motor voter law.

The people who were registered multiple times because of California’s motor voter law.

The dead people who voted absentee from the grave because purging voter roles of dead people is “racist.”

All that is perfectly fine and anybody who questions it is undermining democracy.

But one person who was a volunteer for one Republican Congressional candidate in North Carolina might have, maybe, done something and it’s an election scandal.

The media that was telling us last month how we don’t need voter ID because election fraud never happens is going to explode with “election fraud happens and it’s all the Republican’s fault” stories tomorrow.

I know it is easy to dismiss stuff like with “that’s just whataboutism” but at some point unfairness becomes a problem.

We seem to really be heading into am election situation in the United States that parallels what we see in banana republics and South American dictatorships.

The votes get counted and The Party wins.  The challenging party gets enough votes for The Party to say “see it was a fair election *wink wink*” but everyone knows it’s horseshit.

When Democrats cheat all over the place it’s “every vote counts.”

If there is the accusation of a lone Republican cheating in one race it’s a national emergency.

Welcome to the United States of North Venezuela.


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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Now the media cares about voter fraud”
  1. Dear Mr. President: find somebody in the FBI who you can trust, and turn them loose on this obvious voter fraud.

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